January 4

3rd Eye Activation Breathing

If you've ever wanted to feel more energy, activation, or connection with your 3rd Eye, this practice is for you!

The third eye is located between your eyebrows (and approximately an inch into your head, depending on who you ask), and here's what makes it special:

  • When the energy of this chakra is active and flowing, you begin to move beyond duality. You may feel yourself moving beyond your conditioning, beyond a sense of "right" and "wrong", into a space of pure presence and freedom.
  • According to Layla Martin, tantric texts advise that when you are exploring the activation and alignment of the chakras, you should work first with the 3rd eye ("Ajna" in Sanskrit), and THEN go back to the root chakra ("Muladhara") and work your way back up the seven chakras from there.

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