September 26

6 Ways to Sexually Thrive Without Penetration

Penetration can be fantastic, but it's also become weirdly central to our sexuality...

...and there's SO MUCH MORE we can do with our bodies to experience deeper and more expansive states of pleasure!

The over-emphasis on penetration can be particularly problematic for people who find penetration extremely painful or difficult, such as those with vaginismus.

Additionally, relying on penile penetration to "have sex" puts tremendous pressure on a man's ability to get and maintain an erection.

Pressure of any kind -- including the pressure to penetrate or to be entered -- usually just erodes feelings of safety, which in turn makes it more difficult to get turned on.

So... lots of issues with putting penile penetration at the center of our sexuality.

Which is why, in this video training that I created as part of a collaboration with a vaginismus coach, I offer six ways that you can continue to sexually thrive even if penetration is off the table for whatever reason.

Here are the practices you'll learn about in the training:

3 Ways to Thrive Solo

Breast Self-Massage (did you know breast orgasms are a thing??)

Yoni Love Practice

Sex Magic

3 Ways to Thrive with a Partner

Playing with Sexual Energy

Oral Sex (did you know THROAT orgasms are a real thing??)

Prostate Massage

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