December 16

A tantric meditation to transform body shame into connection & compassion

In her book Existential Kink, Carolyn Elliott introduces the tantric practice of Tonglen Meditation as an effective way to transform physiological pain IN our bodies or emotional pain ABOUT our bodies (i.e. body shame).

You can use Tonglen meditation to stop experiencing body shame as "my pain" -- a personal, isolating, lonely experience -- into one of "the pain," a recognition that whether it is pain we experience in and about our bodies is UNIVERSAL, and we are never EVER alone in it.

It is never personal. It is not something we experience because our bodies are exceptionally broken or ugly or unremarkable.

It is simply part of the experience of having a body, the annoying and frustrating price we pay to be able to experience and enjoy embodiment at all.

To learn more about Tonglen meditation, click here.

And if you are ready to master your own body confidence, click here!


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