Who would you be if you moved through life feeling genuinely sexy, powerful, and confident in your own, natural body?

Do you ever fantasize about what it would be like to feel so secure in your own attractiveness and worthiness that you become practically immune to jokes, comments, or images that would normally send you into a spiral of self-criticism, comparison, and shame? 

If so...

Body Confidence Mastery is for you.

What is it, exactly?

Body Confidence Mastery teaches you 30 distinct simple, practical mindset hacks and embodiment tools that you can use in daily life to master skills like....

  • Processing and moving past body-shame triggering thoughts, comments, or images must faster so they don't ruin your whole day (or a whole relationship)
  • Staying present to the moment and enjoying the people around you, instead of losing yourself in self-defeating comparison and judgment
  • Caring way less about what other people think about your attractiveness or your body and just LIVE YOUR BEST MUTHAFUCKIN LIFE
  • Becoming a role model of fierce body love for others around you
  • Releasing lies about "how men are" and how much your specific proportions and features actually contribute to your overall attractiveness and value as a partner
  • Focusing your attention on genuine connection with yourself and others, rather than leaking your energy with endless comparison and needless competition 

All you need to do is watch the daily video, and receive whatever resonates with you.

No mandatory worksheets. No required practices. No prompted journaling. 

Just feeling into what works and what doesn't, for YOU.

Noticing what rings true to YOU....

And experimenting with it in your daily life.

4 Ways Body Confidence Transforms Your Life


enjoying more expansive self-expression & aliveness

When you feel relaxed and confident in your own body, you will naturally express yourself more fully IN your body with the way you move, the way you use your hands and voice, the things you feel comfortable talking about, and become positively magnetic to people who appreciate and love you. 

AND you'll feel more comfortable with the idea that you aren't for everyone, and that's ok!  (Ahhhh, the freedom!)


feeling worthy of what you want

How many of us postpone or dismiss completely the pursuit of what we truly want in life, love, and sex, because we assume our appearance will be a hindrance to it?  "I'll start dating once I lose 10 pounds," "I'll start the YouTube channel when I can afford Invisalign," "I think burlesque would be fun but I don't have the right body for it."

When you develop body confidence, you realize you are worthy of your desires just as you are, and you can get after them TODAY, no more excuses ;) 


more fun & pleasurable sex

Ever said no to sex because you were feeling physically unattractive, despite your partner clearly desiring you? Have you ever wanted to try pole dancing, or rope bondage, or burlesque, or take sexy photos for your person but assumed you wouldn't look good enough doing it, or didn't have the "right body" for it?  

When you feel more confident in your body, exploring your sexuality will feel so much more fun, safe, and pleasurable, and you'll exude your natural erotic radiance like never before!


less comparison, more connection

Do you find it hard to form meaningful and supportive relationships with other women because you're constantly feeling the impulse to compete and compare with them?  Even (or especially) the ones closest to you?  

When you cultivate stronger body confidence, the attention and energy once spent on figuring out how you measure up to other women can be redirected to sharing laughter, to holding space for each others' deep feelings, to mutual support and liberation, to genuinely appreciating and celebrating the fabulousness of others and opening yourself to an ocean of love and support from them as well.


I'm Michelle Martinez, MPH

I believe that sexual wounds, insecurities, and trauma are a public health issue, a root cause of the suffering and disconnection we experience as humans today.

And I believe that deep, connected, full-of-love sex can actually support the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity. So that's what I'm here to serve.

My coaching methods have evolved from three key influences:


I have over 10 years' experience working in psychology research labs, exploring the benefits and mechanisms of change for therapies such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Dialectical Behavior Therapy on trauma and depression, which now inform my coaching practice. 

Trauma Awareness

With a PTSD research team in Seattle, I co-authored 16 publications on mindfulness- and meditation-based therapies for PTSD, appearing in the American Journal of MedicineMedical Care, the Journal of Clinical Psychologythe Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicineand the Journal of Traumatic Stress. 

I also co-authored a chapter on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in the 4th Edition of Integrative Medicine.


I completed a 600-hour training in the Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach to coaching, with specialized certification in Female Sexuality and Tantric Sex from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.  

Although I am not a tantra expert or guru, many of my coaching tools draw from concepts and practices learned in my studies of tantra and neo-tantra. 

All it takes is ONE breakthrough

Few things matter as much as feeling at home in your own skin.  And you absolutely cannot self-loathe yourself into more confidence, so...

Now's the time for your body love breakthrough.