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confident in your own skin

Body Image

Poor body image has become normal, but it has never been natural.  Here are some resources to help you remember how much there is to love about your body, even when it's hard to love how it looks. 

enjoying your body


Exploring the multiple (possibly endless) pathways to pleasure in our bodies and experiencing states of high-vibration ecstasy are healing tonics for our nervous systems. Use these resources to feel more pleasure flowing through your body and your life!

wield your body's spiritual power

Embodied Power

Since The Enlightenment, the rational mind has been elevated in Western culture as humanity's primary source of knowledge, and we've lost touch with the wisdom held in the body.  Learn how to tap into the spiritual power of you body to guide decision-making, release stuck stress and trauma from the body, and even manifest your deepest desires!

What if you could adore your body even when you don't love how it looks? 

Body love is WAY more than just liking the way you look.  In fact, for a lot of people, it's not about that at all -- they love their bodies simply because they have found OTHER ways to appreciate and enjoy them.

Want to know how they do it??

Take the "3 Styles of Body Love Quiz" to find out!

explore it all!

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Body Confidence Mastery

We all know those people: the ones who seem so comfortable and confident in their own skin and can draw people to them with a magnetic sex appeal, all without being conventionally "hot."  How do they do it?  Body confidence. 

And I've created a free series to help you embody it yourself:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others and love the skin you're in
  • Feel magnetic and worthy of the love, sex, and adoration you truly desire
  • Form empowering habits and beliefs that create connection with yourself and others