What actually turns you on?

You deserve sex that honors what actually, truly turns you on and makes your whole body feel delicious! 

The BodyWise app gives you simple, step-by-step sexual embodiment practices to make your desires an embodied reality.  Tell me what you want to experience in sex, and I'll recommend a practice for you!


How the BodyWise App can change your life

Have more energetically connected & pleasurable sex
Feel sexier and more confident in your body 
Develop deep self-trust and body awareness

Ready to get consistent with 

your yoni egg practices?

You're in the right place!

Sexual embodiment practices like these are the BEST way to create the 3 primary ingredients that make amazing sex amazing: 

Presence + Self-Love + Novelty

And the BodyWise app is your personal support system for having all 3!

Inside, you'll find everything you need to make these practices part of your everyday lifestyle 

so that you can enjoy the empowering benefits of being a deeply embodied, self-connected human:

  • Feeling sexy, playful, and sensual in your own skin
  • Having deeper, longer, more satisfying orgasms that expand your sense of self
  • Being tuned into your body, your boundaries, and your desires
  • Communicating what you need to feel more pleasure and safety, in the moment, without apology
  • Enjoying your sexuality from within your body, for yourself, and slowly releasing the belief that how you look is the sexiest thing you can offer in a relationship

These are all results I have experienced personally from doing these practices, and so have many of my clients.

If these are the results you want too, this app is for YOU!


Essentials for establishing a consistent embodiment practice



  • Daily Embodiment Tracking
  • Mindset Tracking
  • Access to 15 audio-guided practices for "All Bodies" inside the Practice Library
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  • Daily Embodiment Tracking
  • Mindset Tracking
  • Access to 30+ audio-guided solo and partnered practices inside the Practice Library
  • Everyday Embodiment Challenge
  •  Monthly Q&A Livestreams & recordings
  • BONUS Workshops & Trainings
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The BodyWise Membership

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The Membership

For $20 per month, your BodyWise membership will grant you access to these transformative products inside the app:

The Everyday Embodiment Challenge will show you how to take a custom-recommended embodiment practice and make it SO TINY-EASY that burn-out becomes impossible.  

Inspired by the Tiny Habits method developed by Stanford behavior design researcher BJ Fogg, PhD, this 14-day challenge lays the foundation for your ongoing embodiment practice.

It will show you how to start feeling successful right away, and stick with your commitment even on days when motivation is running low, because you have made it SO FREAKIN EASY (and pleasurable!) for yourself.

The free version of the app contains a limited version of the Practice Library, but members get the whole thing, including Partnered Practices! 

Here's where you'll find 30+ downloadable audio-guided practices, along with several training tutorials to find the practices that resonate most with you and what sexual-spiritual skills or qualities you want to cultivate.  

Since many of the practices make references to specific anatomy, the practices are organized by the language used in the guides (e.g., "For yoni-owners," "For lingam-owners", etc.)

Watch the video below for a preview of the practice library:

Click to play

Here's where you'll find video trainings on special topics and recordings from past workshops, like "Starting a Sexuality Practice," "Libido: SVU," "Worthiness v. Entitlement," and more! 

And when new workshops are available, members receive free access! Here are some upcoming topics to look forward to:

  • Jade Egg 101
  • Getting the Spark Back in Long Term Relationships
  • Connected Communication
  • Understanding Men & Male Sexuality
  • Sex Magic

Sexual-spiritual thriving for modern living

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  • Practice Library
  • Monthly Q&A Livestreams
  • Bonus Content
  • Daily Embodiment & Mindset Tracking



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  • Everyday Embodiment
  • Practice Library
  • Monthly Q&A Livestreams
  • Bonus Content
  • Daily Embodiment & Mindset Tracking



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Is this app for people of all genders, or only women?

All bodies, all genders!  Some of the audio guides refer to particular parts of anatomy, as they guide you to pay attention to, or touch, certain parts of the body. I have done my best to organize them accordingly so that you can listen to the audio guides that will resonate with your own experience.  I work primarily with vulva (yoni)-having humans, so there are many more practices in that category than in the one for penis (lingam)-havers, but that collection will be expanding throughout 2022.

are the audio guides downloadable, in case I don't have wifi?

Yes! In fact, every video lesson is downloadable as well!

the bodywise app looks perfect for self-study, but I'm looking for a personal and direct coaching experience. are you taking clients?

I am!  I work with private clients in the Sacred Slut program, which includes a 12-week Sacred Slut Initiation to embody your own flavor of sacred sexuality, weekly group coaching calls with me to get personalized support, monthly workshops on hot topics, and chat support between sessions.  Learn more about becoming a Sacred Slut here!

What's the story behind the logo? Why a snake and flower?

The snake because, in goddess-worshipping cultures, the snake was often revered as a symbol of feminine power and wisdom. And then, probably as part of an intentional effort to erase or demonize the goddess, the snake was written as an evil force that tempts women into WANTING wisdom (the Tree of Knowledge) which leads to the downfall of humankind and makes childbearing painful and everyone ashamed of their naked bodies.

So the snake is there as a reclamation of goddess wisdom, and rejection of the Biblical narrative that would have us believe that our bodies are sources of pain and shame, rather than pleasure and celebration.

And the flower, because one of my first memories of slut-shaming was in a teen bible study church class, where we were basically told that we are like flowers, and every time we have sex with someone, we lose one of our petals, and eventually if we keep whoring around we'll have nothing left to give our future spouses

So reclaiming that imagery as well. 

Your Teacher and BodyWise App Founder:

Michelle Martinez, MPH

Michelle is on a mission to help women enjoy their sexuality to the fullest by experiencing deeper confidence, pleasure, and presence in our their bodies through mindfulness, tantra, and sexual self-embodiment.

Her coaching techniques draw from 8 years of clinical research exploring mindfulness and meditation-based therapies for trauma, as well as specialized VITA™ certification as a Female Sexuality Coach and Tantric Sex Coach.