Intimate self-connection is the key to expansive love and sex 

Release sexual trauma and body shame, feel delicious in your own skin, become the bold and confident lover that drives your partner wild...

....and stop letting external validation run your life

You'll never get enough of what you don't really want.

External validation to feel sexy and lovable is one of those things.

Do you ever feel like you're draining your energy and bank account with restrictive diets, exhaustive exercise, beauty services and new clothes...

...only to find yourself rejecting the sexual advances of your partner, or having sex that doesn't actually feel good to you, because after all that effort, you don't actually feel connected to your body and sexuality? 

It makes you wonder:

What's the point of all that energetic investment, if it doesn't lead to more intimacy, more pleasure, and a deeper physical connection with the actual human you get naked with?

It's a trap we've all fallen into. I'll be the first to admit it.

It's so easy to get addicted to the external validation, equating sexual fulfillment with the feeling of being wanted...

...while being completely detached from what YOU actually want, what turns YOU on, the seduction and touch that YOUR body requires to melt into deep orgasmic states of bliss!

We treat our bodies and sexuality like assets to be leveraged, like they aren't ours to enjoy in and of themselves... 

It's possible to break the validation addiction (and easier than you think!), but you have to be willing to give up the game other people are playing, and rewrite your sexual reality from the inside out

through sexual embodiment.


How a sexual embodiment practice transforms your life

Expand your capacity to channel love & pleasure in your body 
Feel sexier and more erotically alive in your own skin
Become a magnet for lovers who adore you in your sexual power

And what exactly is a sexual embodiment practice?

It's anything that combines an intention to connect with yourself and your body + activation of your sexual energy

For example:

the yoni egg

Sacred sexuality tools like these are the BEST way to release internalized sexual shame and insecurity, and start tapping into the body's true capacity to channel love and pleasure!

This is how the things you WANT to believe about yourself actually become your embodied TRUTH.

Client Breakthroughs

These are the same practices that I use with my private clients and their results have been phenomenal! See for yourself:

Magda Y.


" Michelle focused mainly on my desires, and got me to recreate these experiences on a somatic level in my own body. It was so incredible to understand that these experiences are always within me and that I can recreate them at any time."


United States

"Michelle's beautiful voice keeps me focused and feeling safe as I explore parts of myself that may feel triggering. Without pushing, she guides me through my triggers and I leave my sessions feeling relaxed and integrated... I know these sessions will allow me to learn to love my body more and more!"

Michelle P.


"I wanted to work through my resistance to self-pleasure and experience orgasm without a vibrator. I got what I wanted!"

Stacy H.

United States

"One of my biggest takeaways will be how my vastly improved relationship with my body has in turn vastly improved my relationship with the divine. 

I find that I'm no longer so focused on my appearance and therefore have capacity for far deeper experiences."

Claire G.


"The home play sessions that Michelle sent me each week were truly magical and enabled me to reconnect to my inner radiance and cultivate an inner ecology of self love and compassion.

Thank you, Michelle! You have been the catalyst for so much beautiful transformation in my world."

Chelsea A.

United States

"Michelle's body and heart wisdom and masterful guidance have allowed me to expand my frame of reference around love, cultivate a deeper connection to my partner, and begin to break free from shame.

Build a sexual-spiritual practice that works for you with clarity and consistency

Your FREE BodyWise App plan includes...

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  • A tracking feature to log your practices -- and mindset! -- so you can build momentum and hold yourself accountable to your commitments
  • Monthly Q&A calls via Zoom with Michelle to ask questions to get unstuck so you can keep building momentum with your practice and get the results you're looking for!

Find a practice you LOVE inside the Practice Library

Here's where you'll find 30+ downloadable audio-guided practices, along with several training tutorials to find the practices that resonate most with you and what sexual-spiritual skills or qualities you want to cultivate.

Get your questions answered at the Monthly Support Calls

As you embark on a sexual embodiment practice, you're likely to run into questions and need some support to keep up the momentum. Your monthly support calls are the place to bring those questions and break through the inner resistance so you can get the results you desire!

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Join over 750 other women creating erotically fulfilling lives, becoming more orgasmic, present, and confident in their bodies through personal sacred sexuality practices!  

Improve Your Consistency with Practice Tracking

As the saying goes, "What you measure, improves"...

Watch this video to learn how you can log your practices (and your mindset!) inside the BodyWise app:


Is this app for people of all genders, or only women?

All bodies, all genders!  Some of the audio guides refer to particular parts of anatomy, as they guide you to pay attention to, or touch, certain parts of the body. I have done my best to organize them accordingly so that you can listen to the audio guides that will resonate with your own experience.  I work primarily with vulva (yoni)-having humans, so there are many more practices in that category than in the one for penis (lingam)-havers, but that collection will be continuously expanding.

are the audio guides downloadable, in case I don't have wifi?

Yes! In fact, every video lesson is downloadable as well!

I'm looking for a personal and direct coaching experience. are you taking clients?

I am!  You can learn more about my private coaching program here: Work With Me

What's the story behind the logo? Why a snake and flower?

The snake because, in goddess-worshipping cultures, the snake was often revered as a symbol of feminine power and wisdom. And then, probably as part of an intentional effort to erase or demonize the goddess, the snake was written as an evil force that tempts women into WANTING wisdom (the Tree of Knowledge) which leads to the downfall of humankind and makes childbearing painful and everyone ashamed of their naked bodies.

So the snake is there as a reclamation of goddess wisdom, and rejection of the Biblical narrative that would have us believe that our bodies are sources of pain and shame, rather than pleasure and celebration.

And the flower, because one of my first memories of slut-shaming was in a teen bible study church class, where we were basically told that we are like flowers, and every time we have sex with someone, we lose one of our petals, and eventually if we keep whoring around we'll have nothing left to give our future spouses

So reclaiming that imagery as well. 

About Your Coach

Michelle Martinez, MPH

I believe that ancestral and ongoing sexual wounds, insecurities, and trauma are a public health issue, a root cause of the suffering and disconnection we experience as humans today.

And I believe all bodies are built for sex, and that deeply embodied, connected, full-of-love sexual intimacy can actually support the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity.

So that's what I'm here to serve.

Your sexuality is for YOU. 

Own it. Embody it. Love it.

Shedding sexual shame and embodying your most confident, orgasmic, and erotically vibrant self takes an investment of time and personal practice, which is why most people don't do it...

But you aren't most people ;)

And you've discovered the BodyWise app - a powerful tool designed specifically to for you to begin and sustain a sacred sexuality practice that will transform your experience of sex and your own body forever.