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Before you continue to browse the other videos and articles, I encourage you to begin with these ones. They'll help you understand who I am, what I do, and why it's so damn important to me.


Body Love

Nothing confronts us with our relationship to our bodies like sexuality -- getting naked, the desire to be physically desired, allowing your body to be seen and explored in such intimate ways.... this is why body love, especially for women, is essential for becoming your most sexually vibrant, alive, and satisfied self. 

FINALLY: Actual real-life strategies to feel more confident in your own skin

You know you're supposed to just "love your body" and you see OTHER people who seem confident in their own skin without a perfect figure... but how??   

In this 30-day course, I share the exact tools and strategies I use successfully every single day to stay in loving relationship with my body through envy, triggers, and impulsive comparisons.  



Tantra is a very ancient and very complex tradition, and I do not claim to be a guru, expert, or academic when it comes to the subject. However, in my studies and personal experience, it has become clear to me that Tantra and Neo-Tantra offer a goldmine of insight for modern Western society to help us remember our bodies and sexuality as powerfully divine aspects of our human experience.

Learn the art of Neo-Tantric Massage

Yoni (pussy) Massage and Lingam (penis) Massage are two of the most popular and transformative neo-tantric practices, and this $49 mini-course will give you all the information you need to start try it out with your lover tonight


Conscious Relationships

Our sexual relationships can be such a sacred space for spiritual growth and experiencing deep love, safety, and belonging as our truest selves, if and when we approach them with this conscious intention. Here are some tools to help you take loving, conscious responsibility for the health and vibrancy of your most intimate partnerships.

Sexy. Safe. Seen.

We need to feel all three, and we need to feel them at the same time, to experience the most satisfying sex of our lives.  With one simple practice, you can introduce your body to the felt sense of your own authentic sexiness, explore your willingness to be seen in that sexiness, and do it all with the safety of your own self-trust.

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