Client Results & Breakthroughs

One-on-One Clients

Stacy H.

United States

"One of my biggest takeaways will be how my vastly improved relationship with my body has in turn vastly improved my relationship with the divine. 

I find that I'm no longer so focused on my appearance and therefore have capacity for far deeper experiences."

Magda Y.


" Michelle focused mainly on my desires, and got me to recreate these experiences on a somatic level in my own body. It was so incredible to understand that these experiences are always within me and that I can recreate them at any time."


United States

"Michelle's beautiful voice keeps me focused and feeling safe as I explore parts of myself that may feel triggering. Without pushing, she guides me through my triggers and I leave my sessions feeling relaxed and integrated... I know these sessions will allow me to learn to love my body more and more!"

Michelle P.


"I wanted to work through my resistance to self-pleasure and experience orgasm without a vibrator. I got what I wanted!"

Claire G.


"I started working with Michelle 4 months after coming out of a 10 year relationship.

My desire at the beginning of our coaching was reconnect to the expansiveness of my heart space, bringing me deeper into my feminine essence and opening me up to receive and embrace true intimacy with a man.

In the week of our final session together, a man came into my world through a totally random series of events and he is everything that I desired in partner (and so much more). Sex Magik is epic - it really does work.

Micheal and I have been inseparable ever since. He often tells me that he is mesmerized and captivated by me and I know that this is largely to do with this powerful work.

Having had this coaching with Michelle I was able to confidently know what I was looking for in a relationship and my heart was open to receive someone new.

For the first time in my life, I have come into a relationship feeling whole as a person and that feels sooo good (and really healthy).

Thank you, Michelle! You have been the catalyst for so much beautiful transformation in my world."

Chelsea A.

United States

"Michelle's body and heart wisdom and masterful guidance have allowed me to expand my frame of reference around love, cultivate a deeper connection to my partner, and begin to break free from shame.

"I wanted to stop depending on things outside of myself to make me feel alive and passionate"

Open to the endless possibilities of my body and my pleasure potential...

"I wanted to work through my resistance to self-pleasure and experience orgasm without a vibrator. I got what I wanted!

During the course of working with Michelle, I was able to have a squirting orgasm! I feel so much more anchored in my body and way less resistance to self-pleasure. I experienced states of pure ecstasy when I was doing my sessions with Michelle and I know this is just the beginning for me. I feel way more open to the orgasmic potential of my body.

Before I was CERTAIN that it was impossible for me to have an orgasm and while I may not be having full-body orgasms YET, I feel the absolute potential for them in my body. I could see all the ways that I was blocking myself from pleasure and now I am open to the endless possibilities of my body and my pleasure potential. Thank you, Michelle!"

Michelle Panning, Australia

"Michelle was coaching me during a pivotal time in my life, a time when I was ready to shift a lot of patterns that I had unwittingly been reenacting in my intimate relationships. 

Michelle focused mainly on my desires, and got to me to recreate these experiences on a somatic level in my own body. It was so incredible to understand that these experiences are always within me and that I can recreate them at any time.

As we went through our coaching trajectory we uncovered lots of sticky thought processes that were held together from years of societal conditioning and needing to seek external validation.

Building upon each session, we began to paint a new picture of what my new sexual story could be, how to feel beautiful in my own body, and how to de-couple the need for validation through meeting traditional beauty standards.

She also helped me breakthrough a piece that I had been working on for years! The piece being how to reconcile wanting to be in a polyamorous relationship while at the same time constantly comparing myself to other partners and other women."

Magda Yoc, Canada

It is possible to experience so much pleasure, safety, and trust in the body I am in now.

"[I learned] that it is possible to experience so much pleasure, safety and trust in the body I am in now.

I found it a great experience, particularly after taking a break to honor my winter. Flexibility to return when I was more ready was a powerful experience of honoring where my body was really at and allowing a lot more expansion when the time was right.

I also noticed this was mirrored in a recent sexual experience where I felt more able to tune into my own body and communicate what I needed with my partner.

Thank you so much Michelle! I am so grateful for the work we did together and the ripple effects it is still having in my life."

Tanya M.



It really opened me up to recognize what my worth is

One very specific thing… a new tool that I learned from you which is bringing consciousness to a part o my body that is feeling a sensation and talking to it — I’ve never done that before… bringing consciousness to it.  It’s helped me connect to my body in a much deeper way and process my emotions… I will 100% take that moving forward and it’s something I share with other people. 

The experience of delicacy that you’ve shown me is possible from a sexual perspective… it doesn’t have to be aggressive… it can come from amazing relaxation, flow, and breath…

Getting to work with you, it really opened me up to recognizing what my worth is, because I haven’t been able to actually break up with [my boyfriend] and cut it for 3 years…. 

Up-leveling the connection to myself in areas that felt uncomfortable to me and pushing myself in those areas with you has helped me more fully integrate and love all the parts of myself more fully.  On my own now, I am able to be in my light.


(United States)


I don't think I'll ever look at my body the same way again

"I wanted to deepen the sexual intimacy in my marriage. I also wanted to work through some of my own emotional unavailability and fear of being seen in my relationship...

As I worked on being more in my feminine energy, the sexual connection with my husband increased and we actually had spontaneous sex which never happened before!

I also did pussy love work with Michelle which helped me to honor my body for who she is right now. It was empowering, and I don't think I'll ever look at my body the same way again. I have enormous respect now for the body I have even though there are things I want to change to become healthier.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Michelle if you're ready to dive deep and do the work in and outside the sessions. She is an incredible coach, and is such a natural at holding space. I feel so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her!





It was really helpful to have the container [Michelle] provided; while we were both interested in learning about tantra, we wouldn't have created that space or structure on our own - it's really beneficial to be guided. 

At the beginning, tantra still felt a little esoteric and we were a bit skeptical about what to expect.

I loved it. It blended elements from yoga, mindfulness, and visualization that I love and being able to share that experience with my partner was very special. It enabled more pleasurable and connected sensual / sexual experiences. 

We LOVED the practices: the breath work, embodiment, dialogue exercises and communication tools helped us go deeper in our connection in unique and powerful ways, both sexually and in non-sexual (but intimate) ways. 

If you want to connect more to your body, to your partner, experience greater pleasure and ease and up-level your sex life from being 'mechanical' to being magical, I would highly recommend working with Michelle!"

Meredith M. / USA

"Up-level your sex life from being 'mechanical' to being magical"

"Deeply intimate lovemaking"

As a coach Michelle has a very clear and restful presence. This is the first time either of us had had couples coaching and we felt very at ease and supported. Michelle was incredibly professional and explained anything she guided us through in great detail.

After the sessions we felt more connected, and after one of the sessions we did around the 5 senses, we continued into deeply intimate lovemaking.

We believe Tantric practices are sacred and ancient, and as beginners Michelle made it lighthearted enough that we didn't feel intimidated, whilst remaining respectful of the core practices.

Jerry & Liam, Clients / UK

Working with Michelle on Tantric Sex & Sex Magic has drawn my husband and I closer to each other in a loving and affirming way. Her coaching has given him a safe space to explore the newness that is tantric sex in our intimate relationship.

Michelle was thoughtful, patient, and thorough in explaining each process and technique with us. Initially we were both excited, curious, and still uncertain about what to expect. Michelle eased our minds with her professionalism, tact, and incredible bedside manner. We were honestly always looking forward to the next session. She made us feel like her presence was a guiding hand in a topic that for us both with our past experiences, has always been taboo and even unheard of.

With her expert guidance, she helped us be more focused on our individual pleasures as well which was an unexpected treat.

I always thought tantric sex was mainly about the other partner but what is incredibly liberating is that you can find joy and pleasure, and NO shame in your own sacred soul and body.

If you’re looking for a more holistic and open approach in your overall relationship—I highly recommend and encourage Michelle’s transformative work in Tantric Sex and Sex Magic as a way into a deeper love and trust with your self, your partner, your body, spirit, mind and soul.

D.t., / usa

Tantra coaching with Michelle was so, so good! Michelle is wonderful. These practices are wonderful. My husband and I have a really loving marriage, and also, after 12 years together and two young kids, it was so helpful to get fresh tools and bring us closer. The communication, connection and erotic tools were so amazing to learn. So simple and yet so deeply meaningful. 

Michelle was such a great teacher and space holder. There is a depth to these tools and being able to integrate what came up as we used them was so helpful.

In just a couple of weeks we found so many opportunities for rich, connected intimacy that we just wouldn't have noticed before. The time is there! Having practices to lean on opened up so much lasting depth and connection between us. Thank you, Michelle!

Liz Riley Cristiano / USA

"So simple and yet so deeply meaningful"