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  • 1. the audio file for the receiver of the Lingam massage is discontinuous at 2:55.
    2. There is a glaring difference between the files for Yoni and Lingam massage: 65 versus 21 minutes. I think the males deserve more time. How about adding an external prostate massage to nurture the internal experience?
    3. I suggest to add to the Lingam massage preparation to have a warming pad available for loosening up the scrotum. And the testicles like it also warm.
    4. I like your Youtube videos, where you addressing unique issues (just slow down a bit).

    • This is excellent feedback, thank you Nick! Just sent you an email with some follow up questions.

      Is anyone else having issues with the lingam massage audio at the 2:55 mark? I just played it and it didn’t cut out or stop so let me know if it’s an ongoing issue for you; maybe it was just a bad wifi connection at the time?

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