#1 Find a Body Confidence Role Model

Q: What if my body confidence role model changes their appearance?

A Body Confidence Role Model can be someone you know, or a celebrity of some kind.

Personally, I use a combination: there are two women in my life who share the feature I'm been most self-conscious about, and one or two celebrities that I also turn to...

Just find someone who you think is attractive, who shares your body type or the physical feature that generates the most insecurity for you.

When you notice yourself having body-shamey thoughts and feeling unworthy, think about this person...

Think about how attractive they are, exactly as they are.

Think about the things they have been able to do and have without [being thinner / having a bigger butt / having a smaller nose / being taller / being shorter / being more muscular, etc.]

Think about their unique magnetism.

Think about how you would NEVER want them to feel badly about their body and you wouldn't change a thing about them. 

Think about how ridiculous it would feel to compare them to someone else and say, "You'd be so much more attractive if you [insert quality or feature you think you should have]."


Try to direct that same supportive, adoring, loving energy toward yourself. 

The truth is that no one else is looking at you, comparing you to anyone else, thinking that you need to change anything about yourself. They are seeing you in your wholeness, taking in your unique energy, appreciating your unique physicality, just as you do toward your body confidence role model. 

Over time, you won't need to lean on this person to remind you of your worthiness. You'll become your own fierce body confidence role model (and inspire others to do the same).

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