If you complete Infinite Intimacy and you don't get meaningful results, you are eligible for a full refund.

Simple as that.

Obviously, the ideal situation for both of us is that you receive exactly what you were hoping to from your investment in this program (and MUCH more!), but I believe it's important to leave room for the possibility that even if you follow the instructions, even if you do all the practices, that it may not accomplish for you what you hoped it would.

And that's why I have a 6-month money-back guarantee.

However, this does not mean you have six months to simply change your mind about your purchase.  

This means you have six months to complete the program and then request a refund if it doesn't result in meaningful, positive changes (you get to define what this means for you) to your relationship with your body, your sexuality, and your partner / dating life.  

Refund eligibility requirements

To receive your refund, you must:

  • Complete every lesson in the orientation, "Start Here"
  • Complete every lesson in GATEWAY, including doing each practice the assigned number of times (usually between 3-5 times).  You can keep a record of the times you do the practices by leaving a comment on the lesson page every time you complete a practice, or by using your downloadable + printable practice tracking sheets.
  • Complete every lesson in VIXEN, including the practices the assigned number of times
  • Complete every lesson in MELT (since you'll need your partner's buy-in for the practices, completion of each of the practices is not required)
  • Request the refund by emailing michelle@michelle-martinez.net within six months of the date you purchased Infinite Intimacy (you'll need to have your practices recorded by either leaving comments in the lesson pages, or by using the practice tracking sheets)
  • Complete a Program Experience Call with me to share what your experience was like and help me understand areas in the program that I could improve to be more effective


If you have any questions about this policy, leave a comment below!

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