I'm so glad you're here, taking another step into the life of worthiness, connection, and pleasure that you deserve!  

When I think about all the ways we are shamed over our bodies -- purposefully and inadvertently -- it often brings tears to my eyes. I feel the loss of intimacy, the missed experiences, the opportunities that are turned down because we worry about how our bodies will be judged or because we are busy judging them ourselves.

And then I want to punch through a wall because it pisses me off that we are now required to do so much internal work just to get back to the delight and comfort in our bodies that we naturally possessed, before getting bombarded with all these messages.

The work is worth it, though. 

Steady peace, abundant freedom, delicious sensuality, and a deeper appreciation of this embodied human experience are all possible for you.

I've spent a lot of time doing the work on this, and I can't wait to share with you a few of the things I've learned about how to feel amazing IN and ABOUT my own body.

I've discovered that body shame has a strong relationship with unworthiness: when we are feeling shame about our bodies, we are often also thinking things like...

I don't deserve to be pursued and romance.
I'm unworthy of being sexually desired.
They deserve someone sexier.

So, over the next month, you'll be receiving daily videos with strategies, tools, and practices that you can use to cultivate a deeper felt sense of confidence in your body.

Which is how I define "body confidence" 🙂

Some of them will resonate with you and make a huge difference in your life; others might not help at all. Maybe you're already familiar with some of them. 

My goal is to introduce you to at least ONE new strategy that works REALLY well for you.

Cheers to you for loving yourself enough to keep learning how to love (and lust) yourself even MORE...

...and cheers to us all moving closer to a world where beautiful humans of all body types can experience freedom through their natural and abundant sexual worthiness.

With so much love,


What exactly is "body confidence"?

For purposes of this program, I define body confidence as feeling the energy of confidence in your body. It's somatic. It's FELT. It's not just thinking the confident thoughts, but allowing those thoughts to seep into your cells and into your being, so that they are integrated and felt as TRUE in your system -- energetically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Confident ABOUT your body

One type of body confidence is when you feel confident ABOUT your body -- you feel physically attractive, you feel like your body itself is a total snack ;). You are in touch with the unique loveliness of your natural figure and features.  The Body Positivity movement is all about making this feeling accessible to people with a diverse range of bodies, rather than limiting it to the very narrow idea of what counts as sexy/beautiful that most of us have grown up with.

Confident IN your body

When it feels like too much of a stretch to feel confident about your body -- or you don't want to attach your confidence to your physical appearance in any way, even if you are expanding notions of what's attractive -- feeling confident IN your body is also an incredibly powerful form of body confidence!  You can feel deep and powerful confidence in your body knowing that you are powerful, worthy of great things, and desirable for so many reasons that have nothing to do with your looks. This is more aligned with the approach of the Body Neutrality movement.

Questions & Tech Support

If you ever have a question or need some tech support, just send an email to michelle@michelle-martinez.net and let us know what's up 🙂 

Recommended Reading

Here are some fantastic books to complement our body confidence journey together:

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