Every epic relationship requires intention and investment, including the one with your body.  

everyday embodiment challenge begins june 20, 2022:


You missed out!

Get consistent with your embodiment practice so you can finally reap the benefits

Have you ever signed up for a jade egg course, sensual movement program, a yoga class, or tantra retreat to learn a new tool for sexual-spiritual embodiment, full of a sense of commitment and excitement about how this new skill will be a game-changer in your love life, health, and spiritual journey...

...only to do the homework or practices for a day or two...

and then never again?


This happens because, while those amazing teachers are experts at teaching certain skills, they are generally not experts at teaching new habit formation. 

So you may be left knowing exactly what to do... and still not doing it.

Which means you never realize the full potential of that skill, of the version of yourself who mastered that skill...

... and that defeats the whole point. 

And this isn't your fault. Our busy, productivity-obsessed lifestyles don't make it easy to prioritize our sexual-spiritual embodiment practices.

But I will show you exactly how to do that -- with ANY practice you want!

Here's How it Works

Create a BodyWise account

Challenge participants will be sent a link to create a BodyWise app account on June 19, to begin your 14-day FREE trial.

After your account is created, you'll be directed to the app store of your choice to download the BodyWise app and get started in the Everyday Embodiment Challenge!

Pick a practice for the challenge

You can use a practice you learned from another program, or pick one from the BodyWise Practice Library inside the app.

Not sure where to start? On Day 7, there will be a short quiz where you can receive a customized recommendation based on your goals and desires!

Complete the 2-week challenge 

Week One of the challenge is all about giving you the science-based framework for how to create an embodiment practice that you love because it FEELS GOOD and is SO EASY.

In Week Two, you'll begin implementing what you've learned and building momentum in your practice.

Get gifts for participating!

EVERYONE who signs up for the challenge will receive a coupon code to use at We the Goddess, a Spiritual Sensuality Boutique full of jade eggs, yoni wands, and sensual oils!

AND... anyone who completes the challenge will be entered to win a spot in the next round of Sacred Slut!

What exactly is embodiment?

Embodiment is being in a state of connection with your body.  It means staying grounded in the body, tuned in to your sensory experience of the here and now, instead of being checked out on auto-pilot.

It often begins with mindfulness: becoming more aware of your physical sensations on a daily basis, intentionally paying attention to what you see, smell, hear, taste, and feel.  Stepping out of auto-pilot mode and being present to your direct experience of the moment.

An embodiment practice is anything that you do to intentionally build connection and communication with your body: jade egg exercises, conscious self-pleasuring, sensual dance, yoga, a body scan, etc.

Benefits of Embodiment

Learning to bring attention to what's happening in your own body and stay grounded in your here-and-now experience can yield countless benefits to the quality of your relationships, sexual satisfaction, and life in general.

Here are the ones I find most motivating:

More Satisfying Sex

The more embodied you are, the more present, more pleasurable, more connected and flowing your sexual experiences will be

Getting out of their heads and melting into the present moment is one of the key factors of people's best sex experiences. The more embodied you are, the easier it is to drop into this state. 

Heightened Sensuality & Aliveness

As you practice embodiment, all your senses become more activated and alive, and you'll find yourself noticing beauty and pleasure that you weren't aware of before 

Kinda like being on drugs... without the drugs ;) 

Body Love

An embodiment practice gives you the rare opportunity to intentionally rewire how you feel IN and ABOUT your own body.  

The more pleasure you experience, the harder it is to feel anything but love, gratitude, and connection toward this miraculous vessel.


How long does the challenge last?

This is a 14-day (2-week) challenge.

In Week One, you'll learn the essential components of ALL lasting behavior change, and how you can leverage them to create an easy, sustainable embodiment practice that you LOVE doing!

In Week Two, you'll pick a practice, learn how to make a tiny no-excuses-possible version of it, and build momentum with it so that by the end of the challenge, you have everything in place to maintain this beautiful new ritual in your life!

What's the time commitment each day?

Each day of the Challenge, you'll watch a short video, lasting anywhere from 1 to 7 minutes (most are 3 minutes long).  On Day 8, you'll complete the full-length practice of your choice, which could last up to 20 minutes.  After that, you'll turn that practice into a TINY version that you can do in 5 minutes or less each day.

So all in all... completing this challenge can be done with an average of 5 minutes per day!  

Are there prizes for completing it?

There are!

If you complete your practice 3+ times during the challenge, you will eligible to win a FREE spot inside the next round of Sacred Slut this September, usually a $997 value.  And how will I know if you complete the practices?  I can see your Daily Embodiment Tracking stats inside the BodyWise app, so you'll need to track them there if you want credit ;)

And EVERYONE who signs up for the challenge will receive a special discount code for We the Goddess, where you can purchase beautiful quality products for sensual practices like 24k gold breast massage oil, black obsidian yoni wands, and GIA-certified nephrite jade yoni eggs. 

Will I receive any support or accountability during the challenge?

Oh yes!  That's what I love about offering this through the app:

You'll receive Push Notifications to remind you to log in and complete your lessons if you've missed a few days (it's so easy to catch up)

On days 8, 11, 12, and 13, I'll be looking to see who's logging their practices in Daily Embodiment Tracking, and messaging folks who could use an extra nudge ;) 

PLUS, those who complete 3 or more practices during the challenge will be eligible for a FREE spot in my 12-week group coaching program Sacred Slut ($997 value!), so stick with it to the end!

I'm new to this, how do I know what practice to start with?

I've got you covered!  On Day 7 of the challenge, there's a short questionnaire about what outcome or result you desire from your embodiment practice. Complete the questionnaire to receive a practice recommendation.  Any practice I recommend is included in the Practice Library so you'll have easy access to it.

Your Challenge Leader:

Michelle Martinez

Michelle is a certified Sex, Love, and Relationship coach with specialized training in Female Sexuality and Tantric Sex, and 10 years of experience in clinical psychology research studying mindfulness-based therapies for trauma. 

She is on a mission to help people clear the sexual judgments and body shame that keep them from feeling connected to their bodies, so they can experience the deep self-love, intimacy and aliveness of their full humanity.

Get out of your head and into your body for sex that builds confidence, pleasure, and connection

Create a consistent sexual-spiritual practice that you LOVE and start (finally!) seeing results with the Everyday Embodiment 14-day challenge