Soften resistance and learn to do embodiment

the easy way

If you've got the tools, but you haven't been using them...
Here's your chance to soften resistance around your sexual embodiment practices, get consistent, build momentum, and FINALLY become that version of you who walks your talk, channels erotic energy like no one else, and lights up every room with undeniable presence. 

This one is for the Sexual-Spiritual 


A sexual-spiritual intellectualizer has shelves full of books and a browser bookmarks bar full of courses on jade egg practices, how to transmute sexual energy to elevate consciousness, ecstatic breath work, sensual dance, sex magic, and having cervical orgasms.

They can't stop talking about tantra, sex magic, and energy work to anyone who will listen.

And yet...

When they see the alarm reminding them to "Do breath work" at 7am, they hit snooze and pretend they ran out of time to get it done.

With a night to themselves, they decide "getting more work done" will be more productive than doing something to connect with their body.

After a hard stressful day, they scroll social media to numb and zone out, instead of doing something to actively feel pleasure in their bodies.

The desire to be a more embodied person is there, but something keeps getting in the way....

They feel like hypocrites, well aware of what they could be experiencing in their bodies, and afraid that the promises of these practices will never become their directly experienced, deeply felt reality.

If this is you, it's time to sign up for the EEC.

In just four weeks...

You could be giving yourself a breast massage in the shower every morning

You could be getting up at 5am to do breath work and looking foward to it when you go to bed each night

You could be out on a date, absolutely glowing with radiance and feeling magnetic AF

You could be starting each day getting into alignment with the HIGHEST, most TURNED ON version of yourself

You could master the art of embodiment and the science of consistency with so much ease you'll wonder why it felt so hard before!
Get a consistent embodiment practice you LOVE in just 4 weeks

Everyday Embodiment Challenge

4-Week Challenge

Here's the week-by-week breakdown...

Week One

How it Works

The first few days will explain what the Tiny Habits approach is and how we'll use it in the challenge to set you up to feel successful right from the start, and prep you with the right mindset to stay consistent throughout all four weeks even if your motivation wavers.

You'll pick a practice to commit to, learn how to make it tiny, and get ready to build some serious momentum!

Week Two

Easing In...

In week two, you'll do the tiny version of your practice every day, building up your habit with ease, pleasure, and success right from the start!

While it might not seem like you're doing much with these tiny practices, you're actually establishing the most important key for getting results: consistency

Week Three

Building Momentum

At this point you should start feeling and seeing the impact of your consistent practice, and feeling energized by your success!

You may feel tempted to do more, but stick with the tiny, easy version of your practice for a little longer!  

Ease leads to consistency, and consistency leads to results, so keeping it easy is the name of the game.

Week Four

Locking It Down

In week four, we'll take everything up a notch and make our daily practices longer, deeper, or more intense to start amplifying the impact.

This is how we solidify daily embodiment - no matter how short and sweet, or long and deep - as a part of our lifestyles and identities.

What is embodiment?

Erotic embodiment benefits

Embodiment can mean a lot of things, but in my world, this is what we're talking about:

Practices that bring your focus into the felt sense of your body, while activating your erotic energy
These are some of my favorite examples: breast massage
Get out of your head & stop overthinking

...so you can tune into the truth and beauty of the present moment and stop getting caught up in noise that doesn't matter

Feel sexier and more alive!

... so you know that no matter what other people may think about you, YOU are the source of your confidence, radiance, and joy

Become more attuned to your body wisdom

.... so you can avoid the calculated pros/cons lists and endless inner debate, cut through the mental chatter, and get the clarity you need from your direct line to Source

Feel pleasure & energy moving through you more easily

... so you can fall in love with your body, enjoy deeper and more expansive orgasms, and awaken to your energetic connection with the entire universe (yes, it can be that profound!) 


Answers to some frequently asked questions

Can I use a practice from someone else's course for this challenge?

What if I don't know any embodiment practices to use? 

Are we doing the practices every single day for four weeks, or are there off-days?

Is this challenge for women only, or can anyone join?

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Meet Michelle Martinez, MPH

I believe that our collective sexual wounds, insecurities, and trauma are a public health issue, a root cause of the suffering and disconnection we experience as humans today.

I believe all bodies are built for sex, and that deeply embodied, connected, full-of-love sexual intimacy supports the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity.

So that's what I'm here to serve.