Your vagina is a gateway for channeling beauty, power, & love

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Why focus on intimacy with pussy?

Because pussy is a gateway for channeling pleasure and creative power.

Because women who love their own pussies can thrive in sex and love in ways that women who avoid their own pussies just can't.

Because learning to speak the language of pussy leads to all kinds of self-insight as well as truly phenomenal partnered sex.

Discover new respect for your body

A pussy intimate practice helps you understand the infinite pleasure potential of the body, and the link between sexual liberation and spiritual awakening.

As you experience this for yourself, your own body becomes so much more inspiring (and interesting) than an object for mere aesthetic aspiration...

Experience easier, wetter, more nourishing orgasm from penetration

Many women struggle to feel sexual pleasure and experience deep orgasms during penetration, because the nerve endings in their vagina have gone numb from either aggressive sex or sheer neglect.  

When you learn to stimulate your vagina with conscious, loving penetration, the more easily these pleasure pathways can start firing on all cylinders again ;) 

Live a more turned-on life

The more sensitive and connected you become to the sexual energy that already flows through you, the more radiant, creative, and inspired you'll feel in your daily life, empowering you to be more YOU in the world -- at work, at play, and in bed ;)

Become more open-hearted in your relationship

A pussy intimacy practice strengthens the connection between your heart and your sex, and the two begin to mirror each other.

As you learn to open your pussy to deeper experiences, your heart can be penetrated more profoundly as well, clearing the way for deep sexual-spiritual union with your partner(s).

Ready to open the gateway?

I experienced states of pure ecstasy

I wanted to work through my resistance to self-pleasure and experience orgasm without a vibrator. I got what I wanted! During the course of working with Michelle, I was able to have a squirting orgasm! I feel so much more anchored in my body and way less resistance to self-pleasure.

I experienced states of pure ecstasy when I was doing my sessions with Michelle and I know this is just the beginning for me.

I feel way more open to the orgasmic potential of my body. Before I was CERTAIN that it was impossible for me to have an orgasm and while I may not be having full-body orgasms YET, I feel the absolute potential for them in my body. I could see all the ways that I was blocking myself from pleasure and now I am open to the endless possibilities of my body and my pleasure potential. Thank you, Michelle!

Michelle Panning, AustraliaClient

I don't think I'll ever look at my body the same way again

I did pussy love work with Michelle which helped me to honor my body for who she is right now. It was empowering, and I don't think I'll ever look at my body the same way again. I have enormous respect now for the body I have even though there are things I want to change to become healthier.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Michelle if you're ready to dive deep and do the work in and outside the sessions. She is an incredible coach, and is such a natural at holding space. I feel so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her!

Brit, CroatiaClient

About me...


Michelle Martinez, MPH

I believe that sexual wounds, insecurities, and trauma are a public health issue, a root cause of the suffering and disconnection we experience as humans today.

I believe all bodies are built for sex, and that deeply embodied, connected, full-of-love sexual intimacy supports the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity.

So that's what I'm here to serve.


What you'll learn inside

Here's a peek inside the GATEWAY course (tap each arrow to see the lessons inside each module)

Once you know these foundational skills, there's no limit to the sexual-spiritual depths of yourself you can discover!

See you inside!

Michelle Martinez, course instructor


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The Investment

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