There's a gateway to Source between your legs

Has anyone ever taught you how to touch and relate to your pussy in a way that opens your full orgasmic potential, makes you glow with feminine radiance, and channels your sexual energy into creative genius?

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If you feel limited by a reliance on fantasy, porn, or very specific types of stimulation to reach climax, the Stroking Meditation is the medicine that will help you stay in your body and re-sensitize you to the subtle and wide-ranging pleasures of your pussy

The Stroking Meditation trains your mind to maintain focus on the sensations in your pussy through a blend of mindfulness meditation and clitoral stroking

A word of caution: This practice is NOT an orgasm-centered feel-good masturbation session

(It's more like a training session in a pussy pleasure dojo)

But hey - if it was easy, everyone would do it, right?

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