January 26

Is healing from trauma even possible?


The answer to this question may lie in an unexpected place.

That place is scurvy.

Yes, I'm talking about the pirate disease that you get if you don't consume enough Vitamin C.

As my husband Paul explained to me a while back, during one of his many "listen to this" moments where he shares with me mind-blowing facts he just learned about nature...

...scurvy's thing is breaking down collagen in the body.

And it turns out that every single wound your body has "healed" from, is being held together by collagen.

So if the collagen breaks down, EVERY WOUND from your past breaks open again.

Fuckin' YIKES, right?

And what does this have to do with body image and body love?

Well... I think it means there's good news and there's bad news.

The bad news is that our psycho-emotional wounds may operate the same way.

We may never really "heal" completely from them -- as in, "return to our pre-scarred, pre-wounded, pre-injured selves." Those wounds may always exist in us, on some level.

Ready for the GOOD NEWS?

You are in charge of the spiritual "Vitamin C" you receive. The source is infinite and endless and there is no risk that the supply will ever run out.

But it takes effort and willingness to pick up that metaphorical orange and eat it every day. It is not easy work...to let yourself be whole....

...especially when we believe our innate incompleteness is the impetus for getting more important things:








These are false "collagen." They will not keep your wounds -- body related or otherwise --from resurfacing.

So, do we ever heal from our psychological wounds, traumas, and insecurities?

I don't think we do... not in the sense of going back to how we were before them, or becoming immune to triggers forever.

We are always susceptible to wounds resurfacing IF WE BLOCK OURSELVES from receiving the INFINITE supply of "Vitamin C" that enables us to live continually in the love, abundance, and acceptance (the "collagen") that is available to us by our very existence.

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