January 31

How to Start (and stick to) a Solo Sexuality Practice

In this video, you'll learn:

1. The wide-ranging benefits of establishing a solo sexual practice for your health, pleasure, and intimate relationships (00:15)

2. The number one block to starting - and sticking to - a practice like this (9:40)

3. A step-by-step process for making your practice into an easy and pleasurable daily habit that you are happy to make time for (14:12)

4. What specific practice(s) to begin with based on your goals and experience level (20:19)

Ready to begin your solo sexuality practice?

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BodyWise App 

The FREE app gives you access to:

  • The Practice Library, an ever-expanding collection of video tutorials and audio guides for all the key embodiment practices I share with clients
  • The 4-Week Everyday Embodiment Challenge, which guides you step-by-step into creating a consistent and sustainable solo sexuality practice with ease and pleasure!
  • Practice Tracking feature to log your Daily Embodiment practices and your Mindset around sex, pleasure, and intimacy