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Welcome! Do you want to learn how your relationship can grow more intimate, easy, and sexually fulfilling over time?

If so, you're in the right place!

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Michelle Martinez,, BodyWise Coaching LLC

be honest...

Are you still enjoying sex...

...or is it just not working for you?

If you are struggling to feel a strong sexual connection and chemistry with your long-term partner, chances are, you are blaming yourself in some way.  You might think the problem is that you're not attractive enough. You might think it's your own low libido.  You might blame yourself for taking too long to climax, or feel guilty that you fantasize about other people sometimes.

Or maybe you're blaming him for not doing more to make you feel sexy and attractive, for not trying harder to seduce you like he did when you were dating. Maybe you feel frustrated that he isn't better at knowing what your body needs to get wet and turned on. 

But...What if it's not your fault (or his)?

What if the reason sexual chemistry in a long-term relationship is hard to sustain, is because our society has taken all the spiritual-energetic juiciness out of sex?

What if great sexual chemistry and connection has less to do about how hot you look or how wild you can be in bed, and more to do with your ability to be present and grounded in your own body?

What if cultivating attraction and desire wasn't about trying to get "horny" for each other like two teenagers, but was the natural outcome of feeling deep ownership of who you are and what makes you feel alive?

this is where it all begins

Embodied self-connection

With a few simple tools used consistently, you can shift the sexual patterns in your relationship and start creating a love life that REALLY opens your heart and turns on your pussy, the way you've always known was possible

And it starts with your own embodied self-connection.

You can't fully DESIRE each other if you feel like you NEED each other

Most relationship problems stem from people feeling like they NEED their romantic partner (or ANY romantic partner) to feel complete, worthy, and fulfilled. To feel truly ALIVE.

And that it's their partner's job to make them feel that way.

But the BEST, most fun, connected, loving relationships are the ones between two individuals who take full responsibility for their own fulfillment and self-evolution.

They can actually SEE each other clearly and WANT each other fully because they aren't depending on each other to feel whole. 

But it's tough to break free of that dependency on a man's attention and validation. It's hard to know how to create that sense of self-confidence and self-trust.

So I'm here to tell you how!

If you want to feel more confident, sexy, and secure in yourself...then establishing a personal sacred sex practice is the way to go, because it gives you three keys to sexual and spiritual thriving:


Erotic embodiment is working with sexual energy in your body (specifically your pussy, if you have one) to elevate your natural beauty, expand your capacity to receive pleasure and orgasm, and become highly attuned to your body's sensations


Sexual sovereignty is knowing that your sexual needs, desires, and boundaries matter (a lot!) to you AND your relationship, and being able to shamelessly express the full-spectrum of your sexual nature with clarity, love, and legitimacy.


Divine union is a state of expansive ecstasy that feels like uniting with God, which can occur spontaneously (and orgasmically) during sex in states of deep love and surrender 

Sex Magick really is epic!

"I started working with Michelle 4 months after coming out of a 10 year relationship. My desire at the beginning of our coaching was to reconnect to the expansiveness of my heart space, bringing me deeper into my feminine essence and opening me up to receive and embrace true intimacy with a man. 

In the week of our final session together, a man came into my world through a totally random series of events and he is everything that I desired in a partner (and so much more). Sex Magik is epic - it really does work!

Michael and I have been inseparable ever since. He often tells me that he is mesmerized and captivated by me and I know that this is largely to do with this powerful work.

I was able to confidently know what I was looking for in a relationship and my heart was open to receive someone new. For the first time in my life, I have come into a relationship feeling whole as a person and that feels soooo good (and really healthy)."

Claire G., Private Client

Nice to meet you!

I'm Michelle, a sacred sex and intimacy coach

  • Before meeting my husband, I never had a relationship last longer than a year without a breakup. Feeling desired and pursued by men (which helped me forget about my insecurities for a while) was more important than learning to express my authentic self and finding genuine intimacy with another person. 
  • When I met my now-husband, I realized I couldn't depend on New Relationship Energy to avoid my baggage anymore; I needed to learn to take responsibility for my own feelings of desire, worthiness, and body confidence in way that could be sustained throughout a long-term monogamous relationship. 
  • I started taking sacred sexuality courses that brought me into much deeper connection with my body (especially my pussy and my breasts). With this amplified sexual self-connection, I have been able to enjoy my first truly long-term relationship while we both become more and more ourselves, and thus more and more genuinely attracted to, and intimate with, one another
  • Now I help men and women (mostly women) use sacred sexuality practices to get out of their heads, and into their bodies, and cultivate deep self connection so that they can enjoy a thriving relationship led by desire and the truth of their own wholeness, instead of dependency and insecurity

"All bodies are built for sex."

Awards & Certifications

Meet Stacy

"One of my biggest takeaways will be how my vastly improved relationship with my body has in turn vastly improved my relationship with the divine. I find that I'm no longer so focused on my appearance and therefore have capacity for far deeper experiences."

Stacy H., USA

This is how we do it

Infinite Intimacy

Infinite Intimacy is a progressive 3-course series designed to help you reach three milestone results:

  • Cultivating loving intimacy with your own body and pussy so you can feel more orgasmic, secure, and beautiful in your own skin
  • Releasing internalized slut-shaming so you can embody your authentic sexuality with legitimacy and joy 
  • Experiencing profound sexual chemistry and connection with your partner so you can enjoy a deeply satisfying relationship of love AND lust!
Infinite Intimacy - Course #1


Reclaim your body and your pleasure as your own by establishing a powerful pussy intimacy practice.  

GATEWAY teaches you how to use sacred sexuality practices like breast massage, yoni self-massage, pussy love, and the jade egg to feel more grounded, beautiful, and turned on in your body than you even knew was possible! 

Approximate time to complete: 8 Weeks

Infinite Intimacy - Course #2


One of the greatest barriers to women's sexual satisfaction is the fear of losing respect and being judged for our sexual expression, but we cannot live a truly authentic and turned-on life without sexual freedom.

VIXEN is a guided unraveling of internalized slut-shaming, using energetic embodiment practices to empower your spiritual authority and sexual legitimacy, so you can live as boldly, shamelessly, sensually, and turned on as you desire!

Approximate time to complete: 6 Weeks

Infinite Intimacy - Course #3


Bring the body love of GATEWAY and sexual joy of VIXEN into partnered intimacy as you explore the art of slow and tantric sex!

MELT is a series of communication tools, intimacy building practices, and techniques for building sexual energy between partners designed to help both of you FEEL MORE while doing less! 

Learn how to give neo-tantric massage to your partner, use breath work to achieve full-body orgasms, and relax into deep states of sexual union and spiritual surrender that leave you blissed out for days!

Time to Complete Varies (tools & practices are mixed n' matched as you choose)

Magda Y, Private Client

Michelle was coaching me during a pivotal time in my life, a time when I was ready to shift a lot of patterns that I had unwittingly been reenacting in my intimate relationships.

Michelle focused mainly on my desires, and got to me to recreate these experiences on a somatic level in my own body. It was so incredible to understand that these experiences are always within me and that I can recreate them at any time

As we went through our coaching trajectory we uncovered lots of sticky thought processes that were held together from years of societal conditioning and needing to seek external validation.

Building upon each session, we began to paint a new picture of what my new sexual story could be, how to feel beautiful in my own body, and how to de-couple the need for validation through meeting traditional beauty standards.

She also helped me breakthrough a piece that I had been working on for years! The piece being how to reconcile wanting to be in a polyamorous relationship while at the same time constantly comparing myself to other partners and other women.

Through her practices and coaching she truly allowed me to feel confident and sexy in my own body, without the need to take away from the beauty of other womenor thinking that they have something I don't.

Now I feel like I can move onto a new chapter of my life and step into this radiant new being that has new tools to shift out of old patterns so that I can be in a loving, thriving relationship where I can be fully seen! Michelle's coaching was a game changer for me and I am sooo thankful that I got to have this experience with her!

I would 100% recommend Michelle's coaching! She led me through so many practices that reminded me that being safe, feeling secure, being worth are all WITHIN me, and not from an external source. She was a source of grounding as I went through a tumultuous relationship. Her guidance & the practices truly were a gift when I needed them most.

A piece that I truly value from the experience with Michelle is the time she puts into documenting your progress, mapping your desires & giving you written & audio guides for the practices that she leads you through. The things we unravelled are lifetimes of conditioning, and it doesn't just magically disappear in one session; having the guides as a tool I can always have to refer to sets me up to continue practicing these on my own.


tantric sex for couples client

Tantra coaching with Michelle was so, so good! Michelle is wonderful. These practices are wonderful. My husband and I have a really loving marriage, and also, after 12 years together and two young kids, it was so helpful to get fresh tools and bring us closer. The communication, connection and erotic tools were so amazing to learn. So simple and yet so deeply meaningful.

Michelle was such a great teacher and space holder. There is a depth to these tools and being able to integrate what came up as we used them was so helpful.

In just a couple of weeks we found so many opportunities for rich, connected intimacy that we just wouldn't have noticed before. The time is there! Having practices to lean on opened up so much lasting depth and connection between us. 

Thank you, Michelle!


tantric sex for couples client

Working with Michelle was amazing. She has a beautiful presence - she is warm, accepting, validating, thoughtful, articulate and creates a safe space for you to feel seen and understood while also helping you tap into your full potential for growth. 

It was really helpful to have the container she provided; while we were both interested in learning about tantra, we wouldn't have created that space or structure on our own - it's really beneficial to be guided. 

At the beginning, tantra still felt a little esoteric and we were a bit skeptical about what to expect. I loved it. It blended elements from yoga, mindfulness, and visualization that I love and being able to share that experience with my partner was very special. It enabled more pleasurable and connected sensual/sexual experiences. 

We LOVED the practices: the breath work, embodiment, dialogue exercises ad communication tools helped us to go deeper in our connection in unique and powerful ways, both sexually and in non-sexual (but intimate) ways.  We are excited to continue using the tools and practices (which Michelle gives you at the end of sessions which are clear and easy to implement). 

If you want to connect more to your body, to your partner, experience greater pleasure and ease and up-level your sex life from being 'mechanical' to being magical, I would highly recommend working with Michelle!

Here's the bottom line 

The difference it can make

Great sex strengthens your physical, emotional, and spiritual bond, which makes everything else in your relationship easier, more playful, and more secure.

Here's how Infinite Intimacy helps you get there with three specific results:

Feel so much presence, confidence, and pleasure in your body that you LOVE BEING IN IT

One of the biggest barriers to fabulous intimate relationships is feeling insecure about your body and beauty. Slay that demon (or at least learn how to quiet it), and you'll be astounded at how pleasurable, how grounded, how magical it can feel being in your own body

Effectively communicate what genuinely turns you on with love, clarity, and legitimacy

The flirtatious seduction, the teasing touch, the masculine energy, the compliments, the slowness.... it's not too much to ask for!  Learn what you want, and learn how to get it, in a way that brings you into deeper intimacy and fulfillment with your partner!

Enjoy sexual intimacy that deepens your love and expands your pleasure at the same time

Learn tao-tantric secrets of erotic energy, and how to use intention, ritual, and slowness to elevate sex from an act that merely relieves horniness, to an experience of surrender, opening, and divine union.

Setting you up to thrive!

Success Systems

The Facebook Group

Can't make it to the coaching calls? No problem! Post your question or ask for support anytime 24/7 inside the Facebook Group: INSATIABLE!   

Not on Facebook? Leave a question in the comments section of any course lesson or email me directly.  I've got you!



I came to Sacred Slut [now VIXEN] expecting growth in my sensuality, support for more sensual freedom, to explore deeper sides to pleasure and sex – I did not really expect the realizations, insights and growth spiritually…. Breaking down old conditioning that made me believe sexuality and spirituality were polar opposites and if you were one, you couldn’t be the other. So to be sexual meant I wasn’t spiritual, and vice versa.  Full permission for me to be both.



I did pussy love work with Michelle which helped me to honor my body for who she is right now. It was empowering, and I don't think I'll ever look at my body the same way again. I have enormous respect now for the body I have, even though there are things I want to change to become healthier.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Michelle if you're ready to dive deep and do the work in outside the sessions. She is an incredible coach, and is such a natural at holding space. I feel so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her!

If it doesn't work for you, you don't pay

If you complete the 3-course Infinite Intimacy series within 6 months, and you are not satisfied with the improvements to your relationship with your body, your sexuality, and your partner (or your overall dating life), then just let us know and we'll refund your investment.


All we ask in return is to get on a call and help us understand your experience, so we can improve the program and make it more effective.  

Michelle P., Private Client

I wanted to work through my resistance to self-pleasure and experience orgasm without a vibrator. I got what I wanted! During the course of working with Michelle, I was able to have a squirting orgasm! I feel so much more anchored in my body and way less resistance to self-pleasure.

I experienced states of pure ecstasy when I was doing my sessions with Michelle and I know this is just the beginning for me.

I feel way more open to the orgasmic potential of my body. Before I was CERTAIN that it was impossible for me to have an orgasm and while I may not be having full-body orgasms YET, I feel the absolute potential for them in my body. I could see all the ways that I was blocking myself from pleasure and now I am open to the endless possibilities of my body and my pleasure potential.

Thank you, Michelle!


Everyday Embodiment 4-Week Challenge

Embodiment is essential for results, and this challenge is going to help you finally get consistent with this important practice.

By the end of the challenge, you'll have: 

  • An embodiment practice that you can do (and love to do!) consistently at least 3 times a week
  • Tools to make your practice "tiny" so you can do it no matter how time-crunched you are
  • A deepening identity as a woman who has an embodiment practice and reaps the fruit of that beautiful discipline!

$222 value

Gift Voucher to Yoni Pleasure Palace 

Although not absolutely necessary to complete the pussy practices in GATEWAY, yoni (pussy) pleasure tools like the jade egg and yoni wands can help you reach places that may be hard to reach with your hands, and add a special ceremonial quality to it all.

Yoni Pleasure Palace ships globally, so you can use your $100 USD gift voucher to treat yourself to any of their products, including:

  • Jade egg
  • Yoni wand
  • Breast massage oil
  • Squirt blanket

$100 value

The best value

Fast Action Discount

Save $300 and get the progressive 3-course Infinite Intimacy series including GATEWAY, VIXEN, and MELT, plus twice-monthly coaching calls, the facebook group, the Everyday Embodiment Challenge, and a gift voucher to Yoni Pleasure Palace - valued at over $8000 - for less than $1k! 

$1297 after Fast Action Discount expires

$997single payment

  • GATEWAY: pussy intimacy course ($597 value)
  • vixen: sexual soverignty course ($597 value)
  • melt: slow & tantric sex course ($597 value value)
  • everyday embodiment 4-week challenge ($222 value)
  • 2x/month coaching calls ($6000 value)
  • $100 gift voucher to yoni pleasure palace
  • insatiable facebook group


Monthly installments increase to $433 after Fast Action Discount expires

$333/per month for 3 months

  • GATEWAY: pussy intimacy course ($597 value)
  • vixen: sexual soverignty course ($597 value)
  • melt: slow & tantric sex course ($597 value value)
  • everyday embodiment 4-week challenge ($222 value)
  • 2x/month coaching calls ($6000 value)
  • $100 gift voucher to yoni pleasure palace
  • insatiable facebook group


Perhaps you're wondering...

Frequently Asked Questions

I love the idea of being so connected with my body in this intimate way, but sometimes, sexual touch is the LAST thing I want.  Are you saying I need to touch myself every day no matter what?

Like most disciplines, having a pussy practice that is consistent enough to yield transformative results requires devotion -- it needs to become resilient against shifting moods and busy schedules.

However, the entire point of cultivating deep, sensitive, responsive intimacy with your pussy and body is to be able to feel what is needed, moment to moment.  if your body or pussy is a "NO" to being touched (and it's not just your ego or your mind making an excuse to not do the vulnerable work) then it is absolutely the right thing to take a break from self-touch. 

If you need any help discerning whether a "NO" is coming from your body or your mind, hop on a coaching call or tell me what's going on in the Facebook group and I'll be happy to support you there!

What if I have vaginismus, vulvodynia, or another condition that makes penetration extremely uncomfortable even when I WANT to do the practices? 

You do not need to proceed through pain in order to achieve beneficial results in this program.  Every practice can be adjusted to use a combination of directed attention and energy, instead of direct physical contact, to achieve the same outcomes.

It may also be helpful to know that if you do the practices with focused attention and energy, it is very likely that the pain will diminish and you will experience greater vaginal health and openness over time!  But even if they do not, your relationship with your pussy will be greatly improved simply by giving Her consistent loving intention and gratitude through these sacred sexuality practices.

This sounds amazing, and I believe it would work for me if I actually did it, buuuuut... what if I don't do it?  I've signed up for courses / programs before and never finish them because the whirlwind of life gets in the way....

I so relate to this!

And that's why the Infinite Intimacy success systems and bonuses will help you overcome the most common barriers to actually doing the things

  • SHORT ON TIME: You can engage meaningfully in these courses by doing the practices only 3x each week! Plus, the Everyday Embodiment Challenge will teach you how to make any practice into a tiny version that only takes 5 minutes or less, so time is no longer an issue!
  • WANING MOTIVATION: The best way to stay motivated is by plugging into a community of people who are on a similar path, and finding inspiration in their successes despite having the same obstacles you do.  That's why Infinite Intimacy clients get access to community-building resources like the Insatiable facebook group and the twice-monthly coaching calls.  (Plus - the Everyday Embodiment Challenge will help you make your practices so easy and pleasurable that you'll barely need any motivation or willpower to do them!)
  • UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: I've made sure to make myself available to you in several ways so you always have a way to get your questions answered!  As an Infinite Intimacy client, you can reach me directly via email, by leaving a comment in any of the lessons, by tagging me in the facebook group, or signing up for a coaching call.  I got you!

Yeah but even if the practices are short and manageable, three full courses is a TON of content and I get overwhelmed really easily.

I totally get it.  A lot of programs actually contain too much content to be truly effective. People need processes that are simple and straightforward -- they need to know exactly what to do, and when, and a way to track their progress.  They need to feel clear about what action to take, and confident that they can do it.

That's why Infinite Intimacy only gives you access to GATEWAY first. VIXEN is unlocked only after you complete GATEWAY.  And once you complete VIXEN, you'll get access to MELT.

Plus, GATEWAY and VIXEN come with downloadable checklists for all the practices in each course, so you always know how much progress you've made, which practice(s) to do next, and which ones you haven't tried yet.

And what if I can't make the calls because of my work schedule or time zone issues? How do I get help?

The coaching calls happen at two different days and times each month -- one Friday at noon PST, and one Wednesday at 5pm PST -- to accommodate different time zones.

However, if neither of those times works for you, you can get help in three other ways:

  • Email me directly! You'll have my email address and I welcome your questions
  • Leave a question for me in the comments section of any course lesson
  • Tag me in the Insatiable Facebook Group with your question

I don't have a partner right now and there's no way of knowing when I will meet my person... should I wait to sign up for this?

Noooooo, don't wait!! The sexual embodiment and sovereignty skills you'll learn in Infinite Intimacy are potentially even MORE effective if you learn them while you're single, because you'll have the opportunity to magnetize a deeply aligned partner from the get-go, someone who is drawn to the sexually powerful, deeply embodied, gorgeously radiant version of yourself that you can become through these practices.

I have a history of pretty serious sexual trauma. Is this still an appropriate program for me? 

It really depends on whether you've received effective support around the trauma in the past and whether you feel it is still very raw, or mostly healed for you.

If it is raw, I highly recommend using this program to supplement work with a trauma therapist. The practices you'll learn can be deeply healing on their own, but there is also potential for them to bring traumatic memories, sensations, or emotions to the surface and I want you to have a trained and licensed professional who can process that with you.

Do I get access to all three courses -- GATEWAY, VIXEN, and MELT -- at once?

Nope -- you'll start with access to GATEWAY only.

Once you complete GATEWAY, you will unlock access to VIXEN, and once you complete VIXEN, you'll unlock access to MELT.  

I've designed the series this way for a few reasons: 

(1) to help you focus on one course at a time so you can develop each skill in the most effective order, and 

(2) to minimize overwhelm from having too much content to explore all at once, and 

(3) to create celebration milestones as you "graduate" from each course and are rewarded with access to the next one!

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

I do!  I guarantee meaningful improvements to your relationship with your body, your sexuality, and your partner (if you have one).

If you complete every lesson in the Infinite Intimacy series within 6 months, and you do NOT experience such meaningful improvements (which you get to define for yourself), you are eligible to receive your full investment back.  

All I require in return is for you to get on a Program Experience Call with me to share what it was like for you so I can learn how to improve the program.

You can read the full Money-Back Guarantee policy here.

The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life

You're at a decision point right now -- either way, you make a choice:

To do nothing (which is still a choice to keep doing relationships the same way you've been doing them, and getting the same outcomes), or learn how to transform an ordinary relationship into a truly exceptional and fulfilling one that keeps getting better, sexier, and more expansive over time through your own sexual liberation and embodiment.

The choice is yours...

Who this is for

Infinite Intimacy is for you if...

  • You desire an active love life that does NOT include faking anything, overriding your boundaries to please your partner, or pretending to be anyone other than who you are
  • You want to enjoy your body and your sexuality to be a source of joy and pleasure for YOU and not just something you use to manipulate or gratify men
  • You love your partner and you want the best sex of your lives to happen inside your long-term committed relationship - over and over and over again ;)

Who this is NOT for

Infinite Intimacy won't be a good fit for you if...

  • You feel fine having a relationship with diminishing sexual chemistry and connection, heading toward sexlessness
  • You believe that it's your partner's job to make you feel alive, sexy, worthy, and desired (and you don't want to shift that belief)
  • You aren't actually ready or willing to feel some challenging emotions, work through resistance, and have some uncomfortable conversations in order to get the kind of relationship you truly desire

Client Story

"I wanted to explore who I am and what I want sexually. I felt ready to explore and uncover resistance. I didn't want my past stories to define me and I wanted to create more inner freedom to open up to deeper connection and more pleasure!

Michelle is skilled at creating a safe space and building a container to practice, play and explore feelings and physical sensation. She helped keep me motivated and remember my intention. Michelle supported me on the path to reclaim my desire.

I would recommend Michelle to to a friend seeking coaching. Michelle tailored the sessions to my specific needs both physically and energetically. She invites deep reflection and offered refinement to my approach to pleasure and relationship. While weaving in deep philosophic teachings and body awareness. 

Michelle's body and heart wisdom and masterful guidance have allowed me to expand my frame of reference around love, cultivate a deeper connection to my current partner, and to begin to break free from shame. Michelle's sessions are fun and creative and I always felt safe.

I LOVED this coaching and looked forward to them each week!"

Chelsea A., Private Client

Still not sure?

Final considerations

Do you want it?

It can feel so vulnerable to admit you want something if you doubt you can have it, but this is the first step toward getting anything that feels expansive and important.

So... do you want this?

Do you trust me?

This is so important. There are a lot of sex & love teachers out there you could be working with, so if you don't feel aligned with my values, my style, my story, my energy, that's okay - keep looking! 

But if I'm your person, then we can make real magic together!   

Do you trust yourself?

I can't make you do the practices, I can't make you show up to the calls, but I will absolutely help you figure out what you need in order to do those things and get the results you came for.

If you trust yourself to ask for help, then you have enough self-trust to get started!

The best sex in your relationship is not during the honeymoon period. Trust me on this.

It can get so much deeper, more expansive, more interesting, and more satisfying long after the honeymoon period if you are willing to prioritize it.