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Get Profound Sexual Chemistry & Connection in Your Relationship

WITHOUT depending on your partner to turn you on or make you feel desirable

In this FREE training, you'll discover 3 (surprising) keys to:

Feeling secure in your beauty & Body WITHOUT fighting your natural shape & features

Good sex requires us to be present in our bodies like nothing else does. 

And -- no surprise here -- feeling unattractive and avoiding your body are NOT ingredients for fabulous sexual chemistry.

The good news is, I've got a way for you to overcome these insecurities, embody your most naturally and uniquely beautiful self, and STOP endlessly competing with other women in the race to achieve some perfect "feminine" aesthetic... 

Trust me, you won't want to miss this!

Getting Turned on WITHOUT cliche "spice up your love life" advice

You know you're a deeply sexual being and you want to feel erotically alive, but something is just... missing.  (And you know that trying a new sex toy or giving your partner a lap dance in sexy lingerie isn't the answer.)

If you want to clear out the deeper obstacle getting in the way of being able to feel your own sexual desire and turn-on...

...then get the notepad ready for this part ;)

Having Heart-Opening Intimacy in Bed WITHOUT sacrificing passion or pleasure

It's easy to blame sexual monogamy for any monotony you've got in the bedroom.

A LOT of people believe that while love and emotional intimacy often deepens with time, the honeymoon period is the best sex that a long-term relationship will ever experience...

This is mostly a self-fulfilling prophecy that only happens because people believe it will happen -- it is by no means inevitable!  

Want to learn what it takes for sex to keep getting hotter AND more connected over time, through your 50th anniversary and beyond??

About the Presenter

Michelle Martinez, MPH

I believe that ancestral and personal sexual wounds, insecurities, and trauma are a public health issue, a root cause of the suffering and disconnection we experience as humans today.

I believe all bodies are built for sex, and that deeply embodied, connected, full-of-love sexual intimacy supports the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity.

So that's what I'm here to serve.



As we went through our coaching trajectory we uncovered lots of sticky thought processes that were held together from years of societal conditioning and needing to seek external validation.

Building upon each session, we began to paint a new picture of what my new sexual story could be, how to feel beautiful in my own body, and how to de-couple the need for validation through meeting traditional beauty standards.


/ Private Client


Michelle's body and heart wisdom and masterful guidance have allowed me to expand my frame of reference around love, cultivate a deeper connection to my partner, and begin to break free from shame.


/ Private Client


Michelle's beautiful voice keeps me focused and feeling safe as I explore parts of myself that may feel triggering. Without pushing, she guides me through my triggers and I leave my sessions feeling relaxed and integrated... I know these sessions will allow me to learn to love my body more and more!"


/ Private Client

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