the art of slow & tantric sex

Set yourself up for a lifetime of continual heart-opening, pleasure-expanding intimacy

If you and your partner are having a hard time reviving the emotional spark and sexual playfulness that you used to have, I have bad news and good news.

The bad news: You can't go back to the honeymoon phase. That ship and its particular flavor of desire, fantasy, and seduction has sailed.

The good news: You can create intimacy that keeps getting richer, hotter, and more TRUE than anything you've had before.

And I'll show you how ;)

Michelle Martinez

BodyWise Coaching, LLC

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Your relationship can't thrive

without great sex

If you are sexually bored, frustrated, or disconnected in your committed relationship, you have three options:

  • Option 1 - Grieve, or be in denial of, the slow and continuous weakening of your life force energy
  • Option 2 - Seek meaningful sexual connection with someone else, risking anything from guilt and anxiety to the complete and devastating unraveling of your primary relationship 
  • Option 3 - Do something to actively fuel the sexual fire of your relationship so you can look at your partner with "goddamn I am crazy about you" googly eyes ten years from now and feel amazed at how it has just gotten better and better with time! 
MELT is for the people who enthusiastically choose option 3


Slow down... and level up

Surrender into relaxed full-body orgasms, bridge the heart-sex connection, and share deep sexual healing through the art of slow sex

Doing it differently

Here's what happens when you shift from surface-level, goal-driven sex to slow, conscious eroticism

Shift the expectation from tension to relaxation 

Few people know this, but not all orgasms have to be achieved through intense stimulation and tension!

By learning to breathe and relax into your pleasure, you and your partner can experience deeper, longer, full-body orgasms together!

Shift how you think of sexual energy from horniness to aliveness

Your sexual energy is not mere "horniness" -- it is turned on, life-force energy that can be cultivated within you, shared between you, and used for mutual awakening and self-realization so you can both become more yourselves in the world, more and more alive!  

Shift the source of sexual pleasure from aesthetics to energetics

Stop losing precious time telling yourself that once you look different, you can feel as sexy and worthy as you want to feel! 

Feeling turned on in your own body is an experience that is best supported by embodying your own sexual energy - which you can cultivate and enjoy no matter how your body changes.

The Process

How it works

Sample the Practices Together

Each module includes video and/or audio guides to teach you a range of slow sex and tantra-inspired sex practices.  Start wherever you want, and work your way through them at whatever pace feels best for you.

Check In with Each Other

This part is key!

Be sure to talk about how each practice is landing for each of you, so you can get mutually excited about which practices to go deeper with as a couple.

Customize Your Partnered Practice & Commit

Make adjustments as needed!  Once you know what you both like, you can customize the practices to meet your needs and lifestyle as a couple and create a consistent intimacy practice together, evolving it as needed.

The Transformation

Client Breakthroughs

The following testimonials were shared from private clients who used the exact same practices you'll be learning inside MELT!

Liam & Jerry

More connected...Deeply intimate lovemaking

As a coach Michelle has a very clear and restful presence. This is the first time either of us had had couples coaching and we felt very at ease and supported. Michelle was incredibly professional and explained anything she guided us through in great detail.

After the sessions we felt more connected, and after one of the sessions we did around the 5 senses, we continued into deeply intimate lovemaking.

We believe Tantric practices are sacred and ancient, and as beginners Michelle made it lighthearted enough that we didn't feel intimidated, whilst remaining respectful of the core practices.

D. & G.

You can find joy and pleasure, and NO shame in your own sacred soul and body

Working with Michelle on Tantric Sex & Sex Magic has drawn my husband and I closer to each other in a loving and affirming way. Her coaching has given him a safe space to explore the newness that is tantric sex in our intimate relationship.

Michelle was thoughtful, patient, and thorough in explaining each process and technique with us. Initially we were both excited, curious, and still uncertain about what to expect. Michelle eased our minds with her professionalism, tact, and incredible bedside manner. We were honestly always looking forward to the next session. She made us feel like her presence was a guiding hand in a topic that for us both with our past experiences, has always been taboo and even unheard of.

With her expert guidance, she helped us be more focused on our individual pleasures as well which was an unexpected treat.

I always thought tantric sex was mainly about the other partner but what is incredibly liberating is that you can find joy and pleasure, and NO shame in your own sacred soul and body.

If you’re looking for a more holistic and open approach in your overall relationship—I highly recommend and encourage Michelle’s transformative work in Tantric Sex and Sex Magic as a way into a deeper love and trust with your self, your partner, your body, spirit, mind and soul.

Liz Riley Christiano

So simple and yet so deeply meaningful

Tantra coaching with Michelle was so, so good! Michelle is wonderful. These practices are wonderful. My husband and I have a really loving marriage, and also, after 12 years together and two young kids, it was so helpful to get fresh tools and bring us closer. The communication, connection and erotic tools were so amazing to learn. So simple and yet so deeply meaningful.

Michelle was such a great teacher and space holder. There is a depth to these tools and being able to integrate what came up as we used them was so helpful.

In just a couple of weeks we found so many opportunities for rich, connected intimacy that we just wouldn't have noticed before. The time is there! Having practices to lean on opened up so much lasting depth and connection between us. Thank you, Michelle!

Meredith Milton

Up-level your sex life from being 'mechanical' to being magical

Working with Michelle was amazing. She has a beautiful presence - she is warm, accepting, validating, thoughtful, articulate and creates a safe space for you to feel seen and understood while also helping you tap into your full potential for growth.  

It was really helpful to have the container she provided; while we were both interested in learning about tantra, we wouldn't have created that space or structure on our own - it's really beneficial to be guided.

At the beginning, tantra still felt a little esoteric and we were a bit skeptical about what to expect. I loved it. It blended elements from yoga, mindfulness, and visualization that I love and being able to share that experience with my partner was very special. It enabled more pleasurable and connected sensual / sexual experiences. 

We LOVED the practices: the breath work, embodiment, dialogue exercises and communication tools helped us go deeper in our connection in unique and powerful ways, both sexually and in non-sexual (but intimate) ways. We are excited to continue using the tools and practices (which Michelle gives you at the end of sessions which are clear and easy to implement). 

If you want to connect more to your body, to your partner, experience greater pleasure and ease and uplevel your sex life from being 'mechanical' to being magical, I would highly recommend working with Michelle!



Certified Tantric Sex Coach. Michelle is trained in the Vital & Integrated Tantric approach to sex, love, & relationship coaching through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, where she also received specialized training to coach couples in Tantric Sex.

Trauma Researcher. With a PTSD research team in Seattle, Michelle has co-authored 16 publications appearing in the American Journal of MedicineMedical Care, the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and the Journal of Traumatic Stress, as well as a chapter on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in the 4th Edition of Integrative Medicine

Mindfulness Expert. Michelle spent a decade of her career in psychology research labs, exploring the benefits and mechanisms of change for therapies such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Dialectical Behavior Therapy on trauma and depression, which now inform her coaching practice.


Slutty Monogamy Masterclass

You don't have to let your inner slut wither away just 'cuz you're in a monogamous relationship.

In fact, she can make your relationship stronger.

In this masterclass, you'll learn:
  • Why you can trust your inner slut
  • The beautiful, holy purpose she serves in your life
  • What tends to happen to her in long-term monogamy and how you can be the exception to the rule

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Fall deeper in love. Have the best orgasm of your life. 

Repeat forever.

There's no limit to the depth of the intimacy or expansiveness of the pleasure you can experience when practicing slow and tantric sex!