by Michelle Martinez

Feeling triggered by a body insecurity? Do this to get re-aligned with your Higher Self

October 1, 2021 | Body Love, Embodied Spirituality

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  • Feeling triggered by a body insecurity? Do this to get re-aligned with your Higher Self

A different approach to body confidence

This video is a free sample I pulled straight out of my online course, Body Confidence Mastery, where I give you THIRTY daily strategies that I implement ALL. THE. TIME. to recover from body envy, snap myself out of self-critical thought spirals, and expand my capacity to feel better in and about my body for longer and longer periods of time.

The problem isn't your body. It never was. It never will be.

The problem is the conditioning we've all received about what bodies mean, what defines "good" bodies, and how we all take soooo much of these narratives for granted (because of course we do -- it's all we've ever known!)

The good news?

We can change the culture by making shifts within ourselves. 

If we can change what a "good body" means to US, inside, in our own brains, we are changing the culture around us.  Little by little (and then hopefully reaching a massive tipping point), our inner reality becomes reflected in the reality of the outer culture.

But it's not as easy as giving yourself affirmations and just DECIDING "I'm going to love myself," is it?

And that's why I'm giving you my best, super-practical, easy-to-implement strategies for processing all those micro triggers that we face about our bodies and attractiveness....

.... in ways that will help you let go and release our collective body image baggage, and align with what is actually TRUE: 

You ARE beauty.

You ARE love.

You are worthy of your soul's desires. 

Ready to learn more?

About the author, Michelle Martinez


With degrees in Psychology and Public Health, and VITA-certification as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach, Female Sexuality Coach, and Tantric Sex Coach, Michelle is on a mission to help women re-establish loving, pleasurable, and powerful relationships with their bodies and sexuality through mindfulness, tantra, and cultural change.

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