Stop hiding your hotness!

Sexy, Safe, & Seen

In this 7-day challenge, you'll turn up your sexual energy and magnetism as high as you want to, so you can feel safe being seen as the foxy creature you are.... 

when you want to be.

this is not a performance of what "sexy" is supposed to look like 🙄

This is the raw, real deal

Do I like wearing makeup and heels and dressing up in gorgeous outfits?  
Hell yes. 
Do I only let myself feel hot and worthy of passion, desire, pleasure, and orgasmic surrender when I fit a specific image of sexiness?  
In fact, I am able to enjoy playing with the aesthetics of sexiness a lot more now that I do not confuse them with what really matters:

The energetics of erotic aliveness

And this ☝️ is something that you can only master through intentional practice.  
The Sexy, Safe, and Seen Challenge is the perfect space to do just that.

You deserve a life lit up by sexual joy

Waaaaay too many women have become convinced that a life of sensuality, pleasure, romance, and delicious sex is simply not in the cards for them.


Learn to delight in your own body and sexuality with a single, simple practice, done daily, for one week. That's it. 

Are you in??

Breakthroughs from the bold  women who said 

Challenge accepted!


Need a lil' extra incentive?

Complete the challenge & get $200 Off VIXEN!

This isn't gonna be YET ANOTHER free event you sign up for and abandon, and here's why:

EVERYONE who completes the challenge wins a massive prize 🏆

When you complete the Sexy, Safe, and Seen challenge within 14 days of the start date, you will receive a discount code to get $200 off enrollment in VIXEN - my online course for women who want to infuse their lives with more ✨SEXUAL JOY✨ and bring a more sexy, open, and playful version of themselves to their relationship!

To receive your $200 discount, here's what you'll need to do each day of the challenge:

Complete the Daily Tasks

Day One of the challenge will include a link to a challenge checklist with mini-assignments that take no more than 30 mins each day. 

Do all the things, check all the boxes, and you're done with the hard part!

Submit the Tracker

Send the completed tracking form to

Receive Your Discount Code

My team (me, lol) will do a quick check to make sure you completed everything, and then you'll get an email with the discount code to use toward your VIXEN enrollment

What to expect

The difference 7 Days Can Make

Where you begin...

Signs that you feel unsexy, unsafe, and unseen

  • You talk yourself out of wearing fun, colorful, playful outfits because you "don't have the body for it"
  •  You avoid wearing clothes that would look amazing on you, because you don't want to provoke insecurity in other women or invite creepy, icky, objectifying attention 
  • You avoid sex (or dread it) because you feel so uncomfortable with your naked body being seen and touched
  • You have written off your dream of becoming a dancer, singer, actress, YouTuber, etc., because you are worried about trolls or haters attacking your appearance
  • When you see other women dressing or moving in sexy, feminine ways, you can't help but envy them or judge them (or most likely.... both)

Where it takes you

Signs that you feel safe being seen as a radiant, sexual being

  • Your wardrobe is full of outfits that turn you on when you wear them
  • You can feel not-super-attractive and also have incredible sex at the same time, because your sexy "aesthetics" do not limit your sexual experiences
  • You trust yourself to return to self-love if anyone criticizes your body or beauty
  • You know how to return to a sense of inner safety if anyone makes unwanted sexual comments or advances
  • You inspire women around you by the way you dress, move, and carry yourself with so much freedom, sexiness, and love!  

About the Host

Michelle Martinez, MPH

I was raised Catholic and struggled for a very long time to release shame around my sexuality and realize that I could be fully sexual AND a "good" woman, deserving of love and respect.

As a millennial, I also absorbed plenty of diet culture media that fucked up body image for me and all my friends (anyone else watch Top Model, The Swan, or The Biggest Loser?? Yeeeeesh.)

The thing that's helped me embrace and enjoy my unique sexiness the most?

🚫 Was NOT losing weight

🚫 Was NOT getting cosmetic treatments or surgery

🚫 Was NOT posting sexually provocative images or dance videos on the internet and counting on desire from strangers to validate me

✅ Was learning how to intentionally generate states of self-love, turn-on, and erotic aliveness within my own body with sexual embodiment practices...

...just like the one you'll learn inside the Sexy, Safe, and Seen Challenge!

Let's GET IT

Get ready to embody your raw sexual energy like never before!

A Peek Inside

7 Days of Transformation

Learn why Sexy, Safe, and Seen are the 3 pillars of sexual thriving, what happens when you're missing one of those pieces, and how the audio-guided practice helps you to EMBODY these qualities so that you can experience transformation on a somatic level (as well as a mindset level).

Your behaviors shape how you think of yourself, whether you're the "type of person who" does this or that (or doesn't!) In this lesson you'll learn how establishing a regular sexual practice will positively and powerfully influence your self-image and the identity that you carry in the world.

On Day 3, we're unraveling old narratives that focus on "sexy" as a particular aesthetic, and shift the focus to cultivating sexual ENERGY on the magnetism and radiance you embody

Today we explore the question: Why should we cultivate a sense of INNER sexual safety in a world with very real EXTERNAL threats? What does it actually mean to be SAFE in your sexuality?

On Day 5, it's time to put it yourself there and let someone else enjoy the sexiness you bring to the table! Whether you share a new side of yourself with an intimate partner or twerk for the internet, this is the day to let your sexy self be SEEN.

An invitation to re-connect with the reason WHY you signed up for this course, acknowledge progress you've made, and notice if your reasons for feeling sexy, safe, and seen have evolved from your original intent

Let's celebrate your challenge wins! Plus: how we can build on all your progress to keep the momentum going....

How will your life change by doing one sexuality practice ever day for 7 days?