7-day mini course

Sexy, Safe, & Seen

ONE week. ONE practice. THREE pillars of sexual thriving. 

In this 7-day course, you'll be given a short audio-guided practice to support your sexual thriving by dropping into 3 embodied experiences:

Connect to your own natural SEXINESS

So many of us have an idea of what being a "sexy" woman means, and we end up excluding ourselves from that definition in some way. But here's your chance to start including yourself, to feel how sexy you are in your own authentic sexual self-expression, desire, and pleasure! In this challenge, you'll use one simple practice to explore how sexy you can really allow yourself to feel in your own body.

Actively cultivate self-trust and SAFETY in your sexuality

Maybe you're afraid that someone will troll you, judge you, or shame you. Maybe you're afraid of drawing unwanted or predatory attention to yourself. Whatever the fear is, it's keeping you from feeling safe in your own sexuality. This challenge will help you feel SAFER as a sexual being, so that you can overcome those fears and actually enjoy being more sexually self-expressed!

Allow yourself to be SEEN as you sexually thrive and shine

It's one thing to feel connected to your own sexual nature when you're alone, and quite another to let anyone else SEE you in your full sexiness. This challenge will help you release the fear of allowing your sexiness, your radiance, your magnetism to be seen by a partner, on social media, on stage, in your career, or wherever else you WANT it to be seen.

About Michelle

Tantric Body Love™ coach

Michelle is on a mission to help women enjoy their sexuality to the fullest by experiencing deeper confidence, pleasure, and presence in their own bodies through mindfulness and tantra. Her coaching techniques draw from 8 years of clinical research exploring mindfulness and meditation-based therapies for trauma, as well as specialized VITA™ coaching training in Female Sexuality and Tantric Sex. 

Course Content

This 7-day Sexy, Safe, & Seen mini-course includes short, inspiring videos focused on habit formation and making this practice a priority during your day - because you can't benefit from a practice you never do ;)

Day 1: Introduction to the Practice

Day 2: How Your Practice Affects Your Self-Image

Day 3: Consistency & the Compound Effect

Day 4: Tiny Tantra™ training

Day 5: Celebrations that RESONATE

Day 6: Remember Why You’re Doing This

Day 7: Building Momentum & Next Steps

Ready to enjoy your own body + sexuality unapologetically??