You don't have to let your inner slut wither away just 'cuz you're in a monogamous relationship.

In fact, she can make your relationship stronger. 

This masterclass will show you how!

In "What is Erotic Energy?" you'll learn:

  • what erotic energy really is (spiritually speaking)
  • how Erotic is different than Sexual
  • why people keep saying that erotic energy/sexual energy is life force energy. 

In "Monogamy & Your Inner Slut," you'll learn:

  • why you can trust your inner slut
  • the beautiful, holy purpose she serves in your life
  • what tends to happen to her in long-term monogamy and how you can be the exception to the rule

When you've watched the videos, take the quiz at the end to find out which areas of your life are erotically solid, and where you might have an "erotic leak" that needs attention so your inner slut can thrive in your relationship.

Take the Quiz

If you aren't feeling connected to that yummy inner slut energy within you, it's likely because something's off in one of these 6 areas... let's find out what's going on.

Slutty Monogamy Q&A


I feel confident sexually and know what I want, but I feel frustrated that I need to provide so much direction to my partner about how I like to be touched... what can I do about this?


How can I get over being embarrassed about being totally turned on by things I've always been told were wrong?


I struggle to tap into my slutty / sexy side when I feel so ewww toward my own body.  What can I do to get past this?  How can I enjoy sex inside a body I find so unattractive?


How can I create a vibrational energy match with my partner?