December 21

Surrender & Receive: Breath work to let the Universe have its way with you


5-Step Practice

This breath work is a simple 5-step process: 


Laying down, close your eyes and bring you mind the experience you desire in a vivid visualization, engaging all 5 senses


Put your body into a position of receiving and surrender, such as opening your arms wide (or if you want it to have a more sexual flavor, open your legs wide!), and begin slow, relaxed open mouth connected breathing -- take deep long breaths with no pause between the inhales and exhales. 


As you breathe, imagine the Divine Masculine -- in whatever form or formless energy that evokes for you -- holding you in safety, protecting you from danger, and adoring you.  Imagine He brings you a gift, the exact experience you desire!


Feel into your willingness to receive.  Do any objections surface in your thoughts, emotions, or sensations? Are you a YES or a NO to receiving this experience in this moment? If you're a NO, pause the audio here, and spend the rest of your practice using your breath to send acceptance and love to those parts of you until you feel a shift or release. This part of you doesn't have to go anywhere, it is not bad. It exists to serve you, as all parts of you do.  All you need to do is accept it and love it for now.


But if you are a YES to receiving this gift from the Divine Masculine, see if you can move your body into a fuller expression of surrender. Open your arms wider, maybe arch your back, open your legs a little wider... and receive this experience by saying, out loud, "Yes! yes! yes!" 

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