Can "fingering" and "hand jobs" actually feel sacred?

Learn to give (and receive!) a deeply healing neo-tantric massageā€¦ even if you've never tried tantra before!

Benefits of Neo-Tantric Massage

Neo-tantric massages, often referred to as "yoni massage" (for vulva-vagina havers) and "lingam massage" (for penis-havers), may seem on the surface to simply be elevated versions of fingering and hand jobs...

...but they actually facilitate deep somatic and energetic release and healing within the recipient's pelvic floor and genitals, providing three primary benefits:

Sexual Relaxation

So many of us have been conditioned to associate sexual arousal and pleasure with muscle tension, friction, and pressure to perform.

The tantric massage gives the recipient FULL PERMISSION to allow their body to respond however it needs to, with zero pressure for erection or climax. This facilitates a relaxed quality of sexual pleasure that is quite rare in this day and age, and absolutely exquisite!

Trauma Release

Many people have stuck energy in their pelvic floors (commonly resulting from rough or disconnected sex, unwanted penetration, internalized sexual shame or shut-down, or more intense sexual trauma), causing sexual pain or numbness.

By stimulating the muscle tissue where this stuck energy has manifested, tantric massage can lead to unexpected emotional reactions; if the emotions are felt freely and not repressed again, this will facilitate the completion of the stress cycle and restore the free-flow of sexual energy to this area.

Pleasure Expansion

The slow and relaxed build-up of sexual energy, partnered with the recipient's deep breathing and the giver's undivided presence, creates an opportunity to experience deeper, more expansive states of pleasure.  

Massage recipients may experience pleasure or sexual energy expanding beyond their genitals into other parts of their body, or notice a different quality of pleasure in the massage itself.

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A Note from Michelle

While I was becoming certified as a Tantric Sex coach, my husband and I completed 17 different types of tantric sex practices (5 times each!)

And I have to tell you, Tantric Massage has been our absolute favorite!

It is so accessible, and so rewarding.  If you are new to the sexual practices of Neo-Tantra, this is by FAR the best one to start with.

I wish everyone had this in their sexual toolbox, because it is such a beautiful and effective way to build intimacy while helping you connect to the sexual energy and body wisdom within yourself and your partner. 

Enjoy! And let me know how it goes ;)

- Michelle

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