If it's not a regular habit,

you're not getting the full benefit from

your yoni egg

If you're like me, you are a driven, goal-oriented person who loves feeling productive, competent, and successful. 

Buuuut... you've also been getting the feeling lately that you're energetically off-balance -- spending too much time in "go go go" mode, and hardly any time connecting with your own body (or your partner) in a spontaneous and sensual way.  

You want to embody that Feminine energy you keep hearing about - luscious, radiant, wild, intuitively guided - and spark more polarity in your love life...

...but instead of coming naturally (the way you think it should.... you are a woman with a feminine sexual essence after all...) it actually feels quite foreign. Maybe you've even tried establishing a practice to cultivate more sensuality or sexual energy (maybe yoni egg, ecstatic dance, breath work, or just getting outside without being on an errand).

There's just one problem: you've never been able to make them consistent, regular habits.  Which means you aren't getting the results from these practices that made them so appealing in the first place.  

Maybe you feel like a doomed-to-burn-out-in-go-mode failure who will never experience the power of her fully matured feminine essence.

I've sooooo been there. 

It is NOT your fault. I couldn't do it either until I learned how to make these practices super-small habits in an easy way that helped me feel successful right away. 

Tiny Tantra™ will guide you through a proven step-by-step habit formation process so you can FINALLY integrate your favorite embodiment practices into your life as daily habits, so that they aren't just activities you occasionally do, but part of who (and how) you ARE.

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what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Tiny Tantra™

Establish a daily practice to drop into your feminine energy

Anything that invites you out of your head and into your body serves your feminine energy, and goddess knows we could all use more of that....

You'll choose an embodiment practice that feels exciting and resonant for YOU (I've got LOTS of ideas if you don't know where to start), and then we will make it TINY so you can build consistency, feel successful, and pave the way for compounding results!

Use "negative" triggers to prompt inner expansion

Learn how to leverage negative experiences to trigger a desired behavior, alchemizing something seemingly negative into positive outcomes for yourself

(e.g. whenever you find a child's toy on the floor, you send a flirty or appreciative text to your partner)

Develop deep self-trust and body connection

As you learn to connect with your body in small ways every day, you'll develop your embodied knowing muscle...

...which you can use for self-awareness (e.g. "what do I *really* need in this moment?") and intuitive decision-making (e.g. "What desire is truly alive in me?") instead of trying to be agreeable and rational all the time -- because where's the passion and magic in that??


Here's an outline of all the topics we'll cover inside the online course portal:


3 Lessons

Introduction to Tiny Tantra™

How Your Habits Shape Your Identity

Consistency & the Compound Effect

Crafting a Tiny Tantra™ Habit

1 Lessons

CELEBRATION: Fall in Love with the Journey

About Your Coach

Michelle is on a mission to help women enjoy their sexuality to the fullest by experiencing deeper confidence, pleasure, and presence in their own bodies through mindfulness and tantra.

Her coaching techniques draw from 8 years of clinical research exploring mindfulness and meditation-based therapies for trauma, as well as specialized VITA™ certification as a Female Sexuality Coach and Tantric Sex Coach.

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