Sexual joy is the wellspring of a woman's self-expression, radiance, and creative power

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Why do I need to be sexually expressed, anyway?

You can live your whole life without being in touch with your sexuality, sure. Plenty of people do.

But I promise you, your life will be filled with more passion, fun, creativity, and influence if you are engaged with what turns you on and makes you feel erotically alive. 

Here are the key results you can expect from VIXEN: 

Bridge the divide between your sexuality and spirituality you don't have to choose between being sexual or being respectable, and your sexual expression becomes a source of deep self-love, trust, and respect

Back the legitimacy of your sexual needs and desires you can communicate them effectively and have a love life that genuinely thrills and nourishes you!

Learn to express and embody your one-of-a-kind sexual magnetism in a way that feels empowering and authentic

... so you feel more attractive and genuinely YOU than ever, without trying to mimic someone else's version of sexual expression   

Ready to unleash your inner vixen?

Breaking down old conditioning

I came to [Vixen] expecting growth in my sensuality, support for more sensual freedom, to explore deeper sides to pleasure and sex – I did not really expect the realizations, insights and growth spiritually…. Breaking down old conditioning that made me believe sexuality and spirituality were polar opposites and if you were one, you couldn’t be the other. So to be sexual meant I wasn’t spiritual, and vice versa.  Full permission for me to be both.

Cailin / Client

Capacity for far deeper experiences

One of my biggest takeaways will be how my vastly improved relationship with my body has in turn vastly improved my relationship with the divine. 

I find that I'm no longer so focused on my appearance and therefore have capacity for far deeper experiences.

Stacy H., USA / Client


Michelle Martinez, MPH

I believe that sexual wounds, insecurities, and trauma are a public health issue, a root cause of the suffering and disconnection we experience as humans today.

I believe all bodies are built for sex, and that deeply embodied, connected, full-of-love sexual intimacy supports the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity.

So that's what I'm here to serve.

BONUS: Body Confidence Mastery Series 

One of the greatest barriers to embodiment work is feeling distracted by how our body looks (and our disappointment in it).

The Body Confidence Mastery series will give you 30 super-practical strategies (simple mindset hacks and other tools) to help you rise above those self-judgey feelings faster and prevent them from happening in the future so you can focus on building an epic relationship with your own body!

Value: $97

Day 29: Desire Clarity

I love this!! I really related to what you said about feeling I have to look a certain way to have what I wanted.  Then I just start focusing on what I look like and forget about why I even want to look that way.  I love that you point out there are ways to have what we want most even without looking perfect.  The questions you asked really touched me and helped me reflect on what it is I do want and how I want to feel.  It also took me out of competition mode because I realized we may all actually be going for something different and I don't have to compete against other more beautiful or desirable women for what I want cause we may not even want the same thing.

JANELLE  //  BCM student

Day 7: Opposite Action

I think [Opposite Action] is the one I've needed the most right now... This is also applicable to self. If you are inclined to shame yourself for not getting that promotion, or guilt yourself for not following through on something, or hate yourself for gaining 8 pounds... do the opposite. Or being so mad at yourself and wanting to say all the negative self-talk for, perhaps, not doing the opposite when you wanted to or tried... do the opposite.

ZACH  //  BCM student

Gently release sexual shame

from religion, family, or trauma

VIXEN will teach you guided embodiment practices to rewire the beliefs about sin, pleasure, sex, and bodies so that your sexuality can transform from being a source of guilt and shame, and become a source of joy and connection with the Divine! 

Remember your sexual wholeness

Michelle Martinez, VIXEN instructor

The Investment

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On Demand Course

$497/ one time payment

  • Immediate access to the course
  • ask questions anytime inside each lesson
  • checklist to track your progress 
  • bonus: body confidence mastery series (value $97)
On Demand Course

$83/ per month for 6 months

  • Immediate access to the course
  • ask questions anytime inside each lesson
  • checklist to track your progress 
  • bonus: body confidence mastery series (value: $97)

It's possible...

You can feel safe and respected in your full sexual expression

The threat of slut-shaming and religious guilt stops so many women from exploring and enjoying their sexuality fully, but you do not have to choose between erotic joy and self-respect.  

You can have it all!

In fact, your body is designed for it ;)