Body Love

A 12-week journey into the pleasure, intuition, and beauty of your body

We've been lied to, and we know it.

Thanks to Photoshop, Instagram filters, and an array of other image-altering tools, women are bombarded by images of flawless skin, inhuman waistlines, and an ever-changing standard of perfection.

The thigh gaps, the six-pack abs, the long lean legs, the round bouncy breasts....

"If I don't look like those women...

how could anyone possibly find me sexy?"

But, the truth is, not even the airbrushed models look like the airbrushed models.

We know all this by now.

We are aware of the cultural and media forces that make it so hard to feel “beautiful enough” or “sexy enough,” and yet WE STILL STRUGGLE TO OPT-OUT OF THE NARRATIVES.  

Most of the time, it just feels easier to play the game than to fight it, right?

But in the meantime we move through our lives thinking that if we don't have her skin, or that person's butt, or so-and-so's waistline, that somehow we aren't beautiful. And we feel ashamed of our bodies.

And that's a problem.

Because when we feel ashamed of our own bodies, we don't want to connect with them, listen to them, or feel them...

... but that's EXACTLY WHAT WE MUST LEARN TO DO if we want to unlock the secrets of divine ecstasy and self-realization available to us through our bodies. 

My Story

In my early 20s, I worked as a server at a small, dimly-lit, super-intimate restaurant in Seattle.

It was the kind of place where regulars would convene every night, and the bartender would mediate conversations about politics, philosophy, and sex.  

In an otherwise very sexually liberal environment, one of my female coworkers (let's call her Ashley) happened to be a conservative Christian, committed to not having sex until marriage.

One night, reflecting on Ashley’s abstinence, a male coworker remarked, “It’s such a shame. She has a body built for sex.”  

Ashley had a very curvaceous body -- that va-va-voom-type body type that seems to be implied when someone's figure is described as "feminine" or "womanly".

Suffice it to say, that is not my own body type.

Immediately I felt my heart beat faster and my gut clench. It was the all-too-familiar feeling of body shame, usually triggered by an image or comment reminding me that my body shape is not the most sexy... not ideal... even "boyish," rather than womanly. That my body is a disappointment to the people I most want to attract.

I suddenly realized that he had put into words an idea that I'd been subconsciously internalizing for years, without even realizing it: 

Some bodies are built for sex…and others are not.

And if that was true, what else did that imply??

That some bodies are worthy of sexual desire and others are not.

That some bodies are worthy of sexual pleasure and others are not.

That some bodies are worthy of the physical connection, passion, love, intimacy, power, ecstatic orgasm, and spiritual nourishment of a truly fulfilling sex life.... 

....and others are not.

No. I refuse to accept this.

In a rare moment of being able to articulate and voice the exact empowering thing I wanted to say in response to something that triggered the hell out of me, I said, “Hey — ALL BODIES are built for sex.” 

For far too long, I held myself back from participating fully and freely in my own sexuality, because I didn't think my body was "sexy" enough to have what I wanted...

I didn't have the proportions of a centerfold model. And because I'd only ever seen that type of woman held up as sexually desirable and powerful, and as the love interest in every movie, I internalized the story that deep love and passionate sex were for women with THOSE bodies.

In an effort to hate my body less, I tried dieting, excessive exercise, therapy, expensive makeup, you name it. I've fantasized about cosmetic surgery plenty of times.

Then, on a tantra retreat in 2019, I experienced the worst body shame spiral of my entire life.

Two days later, I was dancing naked on a beach with 40 other women, reunited with the natural love, joy, and awe toward my body that I hadn't experienced since I was a child... that magical time when I had no idea a part of my body or pleasure could feel wrong, dirty, sinful, or ugly.

That retreat was part of a year-long deep dive into Tanta-inspired healing practices that pushed me to confront my body shame and sexual shame at the same time.

In that process, I realized that in order to have a pleasurable and empowered relationship with my own body, I needed to realize that my body and sexuality are, first and foremost, for ME to love and enjoy.  

I can have thriving relationships with my breasts, belly, and pussy that have nothing to do with anyone else's opinions or preferences. 

And now I am using those tantra-inspired healing practices to guide clients into their own embodied experiences of wholeness, worthiness, and beauty, just as they are.

The Problem

Women are struggling to thrive sexually.

The sexual objectification of female bodies and the de-valuation of the Divine Feminine have led to three painful consequences:


Feeling unattractive and unworthy of attention from constant beauty/body comparison and competition with other women


Dismissing their own sexual desires and pleasure as too complicated, too time-consuming, unimportant, or downright nonexistent


Difficulty feeling safe and relaxed in sexual relationships due to past trauma, violation, and objectification

We need to talk about intimacy.

True intimacy. The deep connection kind.

Your body judgment is holding you back from loving your partner with everything you are.

Even though your partner reassures you all the time how attractive you are and that they love your body the way it is, your own lack of self-worth won't allow you to feel safe enough to freely express yourself physically or emotionally.

The constant effort to be the "attractive" kind of sexual during moments of intimacy makes sex into a stressful performance rather than an authentic connection where you can bring your whole, real, messy self to the bedroom.

You worry so much how they see you that you aren't able to feel their desire for you, just as you are, perfectly imperfect.

Deep down, you long to experience a truly deep and meaningful connection with your partner but your insecurity keeps getting in the way.

Because no matter how often you hear it and "know" it in your mind, you don't believe you are desirable enough.

A pleasurable and empowering relationship to your own body is the foundation for getting what you really want in sex and love

And it's the key to leaving all this behind you:

  • Scrolling through Instagram feeling simultaneously jealous and grossed out by the attention that women get for sexually objectifying themselves
  • Feeling like a total hypocrite because you have strong feminist beliefs and values, but you also fantasize about cosmetic surgery because you are so tired of feeling insecure about your body
  • Testing your partner, picking fights, pushing them away, and sabotaging your relationship because it’s too hard to trust that they love you as much as they say they do
  • Feeling resentful toward men because you're convinced they only care about looks, presumably because they’re “visual creatures”
  • Settling for sex that doesn’t truly satisfy you because it’s too frustrating to figure out what feels good to you -- you’ve tried self-pleasuring before and you just feel numb and bored
  • Struggling to enjoy yourself at the beach, the pool, clothing-optional spas, etc., because all you can think about is how your body compares to other women’s and whether your partner is more attracted to them than to you
  • Feeling yourself tense up whenever there’s nudity in TV or movies because you hate the thought of being compared to the “perfect” bodies of actresses
  • Holding yourself back from talking or flirting with people you are genuinely attracted to because you tell yourself they’re “out of your league” and you don’t think you’re beautiful enough for them
  • Judging and resenting women who appear confident in their own bodies, because you don't feel like you could EVER feel that way in yours
  • Resisting career-advancing opportunities to be more visible and impactful because you are horrified at the idea of being seen on stage, in photos, or on video
  • Settling for mediocre relationships because you don’t think you’ll be able to find anyone else who will be attracted to you and love you as much as they do (even though it isn’t the kind of love you actually want)
  • Using your body as proof of your discipline, willpower, and self-control -- denying or rejecting your feelings, your hungers, your desires, and sensuality in order to achieve a status-building “look”

We try so many things to feel worthy of attracting the passion we desire.

Diets, workout plans, expensive makeup, a new wardrobe...

Maybe you've even tried therapy.

Traditional therapies often focus on fixing your cognition -- it can provide you with the logical understanding that your beliefs and thought patterns aren't grounded in facts. For some people, this is enough. But for others, knowing that these thoughts aren't rational isn't enough to shake them.

That's because these thoughts and beliefs are buried deeper than logic and what's rational. They are sitting inside your body and need to get out.

The years of ancestrally and culturally inherited misogyny, sexual shame and objectification are deeply rooted in your psyche, sitting in your cells, embedded as memories in your mind, your muscles, your skin, your energy...

You need something deeper than thought -- something primal -- to feel access these wounds, release them, and achieve lasting transformation.

I've got you.

Healing our relationships with our body 

through our bodies

The reason other therapeutic approaches haven't worked for you is because they pull focus away from your body, rather than showing you how to see and experience your body in a completely new way.

 They treat the problem like it's all in your mind, and try to solve it through logic and reason, but ignore the ways that self-objectifying beliefs are held inside of you energetically and physiologically.

To heal your relationship with your body, you have to remember how to use the healing powers OF YOUR BODY, and I'm going to show you how.


Tantric Body Love

Tantric Body Love is a 12-week coaching program that draws from the energetic healing principles of neo-tantra, mindfulness research, and female pleasure and sexuality to help you develop a relationship with your body that is pleasurable and empowering, so you can have the confidence and worthiness to create the love and sex life you dream about with the glorious body you have.

Using Neo-Tantric tools and processes for energetic healing that speak to your primal and subconscious brain, I will show you practical, concrete ways to experience the profound natural beauty, pleasure, and power of your body.  

Through breath work, energy movement, pleasure, and continual mind-body alignment, you'll create a resilient foundation of love and connection to yourself that will empower you for a lifetime of thriving in sex, love, sisterhood, and beyond.

The sexual-spiritual practices of neo-tantra will help you experience your own body as a source of infinite pleasure potential, intuitive guidance, and natural beauty, shifting your relationship to your body from habitual criticism to one of enduring gratitude and love in 6 distinct ways:

From Competition/Comparison to Beauty Abundance

  • Trust your body and beauty to not only be enough, but PERFECT, for the love and relationships that you desire
  • Actually enjoy the diverse beauty of others in a much more abundant way, seeing beauty in curves and in leanness, in wrinkles and in youth, in softness and in fierceness
  • Notice other beautiful women and simply feel neutral about it because it doesn't feel relevant or threatening to you, your life, and having what YOU want

From Pain/Numbness to Pleasure

  • Renew your interest in your sexuality as you experience it as a source of nourishing pleasure and emotional healing where you can relax and be your authentic self
  • Restore the safety in your body necessary to relax into pleasure
  • Expand your capacity to feel pleasure and presence both within yourself and with your partner
  • Experience deeply sensual, present, and electric pleasure run through your veins and light up your skin!

From Emotional Repression to Emotional Liberation

  • Trust yourself to experience and integrate any and all emotions that are alive in you moment to moment (e.g. body shame, jealousy, envy), and connect with the pleasure of aliveness inherent in every emotion, however pleasant or unpleasant
  • Feel fear and self-doubt around being seen in a more vulnerable way, and doing it anyway -- consistently building the resiliency and self-trust to do what lights you up and fulfills you most
  • Transform ANY emotion into deeper self-compassion, liberation, and life force

From Body Consciousness to Embodiment

  • Enjoy a more relaxed, re-sensitized, and re-sensualized version of your body through rituals and practices that are aligned with what naturally feels good to you, so incorporating them into your daily life is a pleasure instead of one more thing to tick off a to-do list
  • Let yourself be seen and appreciated for how deeply and spiritually connected to your body you are, for others to feel an irresistible pull toward you
  • Enjoy your body from the inside, and stop worrying how it is perceived from the outside

From Sexual Objectification to Authentic Sexual Expression

  • Experience more pleasure by being present to the sexual connection with your partner and celebrating the one-of-a-kind beauty that only you can bring to the world
  • Stop "performing" sexuality for validation from others, and confidently embrace what genuinely turns you on
  • Ask for what actually feels good for your body from a place of worthiness, knowing you have nothing to apologize for or be ashamed of

From Controlling the Body to Honoring the Body

  • Benefit from a more communicative relationship with your body, listening to and honoring her needs for movement, nourishment, and rest, and benefitting from the enhanced flow, natural beauty, energy, and lifted mood she'll give you in return
  • Get out of rational-mind analysis paralysis, and tune into your body as a source of intuition and deep wisdom to guide your decision-making
  • Free yourself from constant body monitoring, and surrender to your body's intuitive wisdom about what to eat, how to move, what to wear, etc.

Still have questions about tantra and body image?

How I set my clients up for success

What's included in the private coaching program

12 Private Coaching Sessions & Weekly Accountability

In weekly 60-minute sessions over Zoom, we'll address any questions you have and make sure you know how to personalize and apply the tools to support the specific desires you have for your unique body love journey.

And let's be real -- the tools and practices are worthless if you don't actually do them. It is common to face resistance in this type of work, because your brain is addicted to the familiar way of thinking about yourself, even if it's painful. It will fight to keep you in well-worn emotional patterns, but that's why I'm here.

I'll provide the accountability you need to get the results you're here for. We'll figure out what support works best for you (e.g. daily text, weekly email, a checklist) to help you break through through resistance, doubt, frustration, and other blockages so you can stay on track and see meaningful results as you explore the content in the course.

Lifetime Access to the Online TBL Course Content

You'll get access to the Tantric Body Love online course, which includes:

  • The 5 modules of the T.R.U.S.T. Your Body framework
  • Instructional videos for each module
  • Downloadable guides for all essential practices 

Gift Basket of Essential "Embodiment Tools"

There are a few items you'll need for the practices, exercises, rituals, etc. in this program, and I'll make sure you have everything you need, included as part of your investment in the program!

By committing to a thriving relationship with your body, you are saying YES...

To more pleasure, presence, and joy during sex

To enhancing and enjoying your beauty without betraying your feminist ideals

To emotional mastery over your body shame triggers

To stronger friendships and sisterhood with other women

To expanding your capacity to move energy, pleasure, and orgasm through your body

To the confidence to be seen in your sexiness and turn up your unique sexual magnetism in ways that feel safe and authentically empowering to you

To clarity about what you really want in sex and love, and what truly stands in the way of you and your desires (hint: it's not your body)

To a deep sense of worthiness to have what you deeply desire

To experiencing more turn-on and power in your sexuality (and life in general!)

To mental, spiritual, and energetic freedom from the limiting beliefs that kept you in constant comparison with others' bodies and beauty, and gratitude for being you

To the ability to tap into your primal wildness and access the spiritual wisdom of your body

To lasting resilience to keep loving your body as it changes over time

don't just take it from me...

Client Testimonials

I started working with Michelle 4 months after coming out of a 10 year relationship. My desire at the beginning of our coaching was to reconnect with the expansiveness of my heart space, bringing me deeper into my feminine essence and opening me up to receive and embrace true intimacy with a man.  

In the week of our final session together, a man came into my world through a totally random series of events and he is everything that I desired in a partner (and so much more).  Sex Magik is epic - it really does work.

Michael and I have been inseparable ever since. He often tells me that he is mesmerized and captivated by me and I know that this is largely to do with this powerful work...For the first time in my life, I have come into a relationship feeling whole as a person and that feels soooo good (and really healthy). 

Michelle is an incredible coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Every session was personally curated based on what was alive for me in the moment, yet we also followed a clear path to move towards my desires. The home play sessions that Michelle set me each week were truly magical and enabled me to reconnect to my inner radiance and cultivate an inner ecology of self love and compassion.

Michelle holds you with love, whilst encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone and take small steps (and sometimes huge leaps) towards your desires. She provides you with a safe space to fully express yourself and uncover the pieces of you that require nurturing. Thank you Michelle, you have been the catalyst for so much beautiful transformation in my world.


united kingdom

"Michelle was coaching me during a pivotal time in my life, a time when I was ready to shift a lot of patterns that I had unwittingly been reenacting in my intimate relationships. 

Michelle focused mainly on my desires, and got to me to recreate these experiences on a somatic level in my own body. It was so incredible to understand that these experiences are always within me and that I can recreate them at any time.

As we went through our coaching trajectory we uncovered lots of sticky thought processes that were held together from years of societal conditioning and needing to seek external validation.

Building upon each session, we began to paint a new picture of what my new sexual story could be, how to feel beautiful in my own body, and how to de-couple the need for validation through meeting traditional beauty standards.


She also helped me breakthrough a piece that I had been working on for years! The piece being how to reconcile wanting to be in a polyamorous relationship while at the same time constantly comparing myself to other partners and other women."

Magda Yoc, Canada

I was motivated to sign up for coaching because I wanted to explore who I am and what I want sexually. I felt ready to explore and uncover resistance. I didn't want my past stories to define me and I wanted to create more inner freedom to open up to deeper connection and more pleasure!


Michelle is skilled at creating a safe space and building a container to practice, play and explore feelings and physical sensation. Her thoughtful notes following our sessions helped me to refine my goals, and she was great about pinging me weekly to check in on my progress. She helped keep me motivated and remember my intention. Michelle supported me on the path to reclaim my desire.


I would recommend Michelle to to a friend seeking coaching. Michelle tailored the sessions to my specific needs both physically and energetically. She invites deep reflection and offered refinement to my approach to pleasure and relationship. While weaving in deep philosophic teachings and body awareness. Michelle's body and heart wisdom and masterful guidance have allowed me to expand my frame of reference around love, cultivate a deeper connection to my current partner, and to begin to break free from shame. Michelle's sessions are fun and creative and I always felt safe. I LOVED this coaching and looked forward to them each week!



"Open to the endless possibilities of my body and my pleasure potential"

"I wanted to work through my resistance to self-pleasure and experience orgasm without a vibrator. I got what I wanted!

During the course of working with Michelle, I was able to have a squirting orgasm! I feel so much more anchored in my body and way less resistance to self-pleasure. I experienced states of pure ecstasy when I was doing my sessions with Michelle and I know this is just the beginning for me. I feel way more open to the orgasmic potential of my body.

Before I was CERTAIN that it was impossible for me to have an orgasm and while I may not be having full-body orgasms YET, I feel the absolute potential for them in my body. I could see all the ways that I was blocking myself from pleasure and now I am open to the endless possibilities of my body and my pleasure potential. Thank you, Michelle!"

Michelle P. / Client, Australia

Want results like these?

Michelle is receptive and intuitive in how she works with me each week. She knows how to meet me where I am and is patient and loving with me as she guides me through her thoughtful and deep practices. Michelle's beautiful voice keeps me focused and feeling safe as I explore parts of myself that may feel triggering. Without pushing, she guides me through my triggers and I leave my sessions feeling relaxed and integrated. I am grateful to continue working with Michelle because I know these sessions will allow me to learn to love my body more and more!


united states

I wanted to deepen the sexual intimacy in my marriage. I also wanted to work through some of my own emotional unavailability and fear of being seen in my relationship... As I worked on being more in my feminine energy, the sexual connection with my husband increased and we actually had spontaneous sex which never happened before!

I also did pussy love work with Michelle which helped me to honor my body for who she is right now. It was empowering, and I don't think I'll ever look at my body the same way again. I have enormous respect now for the body I have even though there are things I want to change to become healthier.


I wholeheartedly recommend working with Michelle if you're ready to dive deep and do the work in and outside the sessions. She is an incredible coach, and is such a natural at holding space. I feel so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her!


About your coach,
Michelle Martinez, MPH

In addition to focusing on sexuality and spiritual growth as a key aspect of body image work, there are three key elements that set me apart from other coaches:   

VITA™ Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach 

I am certified in the Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach to coaching, with specialized training in Female Sexuality.  I believe that body image issues are healed by diving deeper into the truth of the body as a sacred aspect of our human identity, rather than trying to transcend or dismiss the body as a part of who you are.  In other words, your body does matterThe key is to learn to value your body as an essential part of your own wisdom, sexual agency, power, and pleasure, rather than an object whose value is outsourced to the judgment and preferences of others. 


My work is highly trauma-informed. With a PTSD research team in Seattle, I have co-authored 16 publications appearing in the American Journal of MedicineMedical Care, the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and the Journal of Traumatic Stress, as well as a chapter on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in the 4th Edition of Integrative Medicine.

Supported by mindfulness-based therapies & research

I spent a decade in psychology research labs, exploring the benefits and mechanisms of change for therapies such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Dialectical Behavior Therapy on trauma and depression, which inform my coaching practice.


if i learn to love my body as it is, won't that make me lose motivation to eat healthy and work out? i think a little dissatisfaction with my body is good for me...

The idea that feeling dissatisfied with your body motivates you to behave in healthier ways is VERY common...and also a total myth.  The truth is that we often engage in our most self-destructive behavior when we feel bad about ourselves.  You cannot shame yourself into becoming a better version of yourself (that's not how shame works).  When we feel love, compassion, and gratitude toward our bodies, we are FAR more likely to engage in behavior that is kind to our systems and helps us to thrive and keep feeling good! And in fact, cultivating an energy of love makes us inherently more radiant!  Trust me on this: self-love can only make you more attractive.

do you ever work with men struggling with these issues, or just women?

YES, I love working with men! It is my firm belief that poor body image and body disconnection is a universal problem. The fact that it tends to be recognized primarily as a women's issue makes it even more difficult for men to feel comfortable seeking help to overcome these struggles, and I want to change that.  

do you ever work with clients in person?

Currently, all my services are offered through online platforms exclusively.  

why 12 weeks? what if I see my desired results sooner than that, or i want more sessions?

In my experience with this methodology, 12 weeks tends to be the optimal amount of time for clients to see results and develop habits for sustainable continued progress. If you feel that you've achieved the results you were hoping for in fewer sessions, and you do not wish to continue, you do not have to use all twelve sessions. However, you will not be refunded for the sessions you do not use. If you reach the 12th session and you are loving it and want to keep going, we can do that too!  There is no maximum number of sessions you can have, but 12 is the minimum for this program.

A final note

This coaching program is a uniquely transformative process designed to help you return to the joy and pleasure you naturally experienced in your body before the world convinced you something was wrong with it. The practices and healing methods I'll show you have worked for me on a deeper level than anything else I've tried, because they required me to work through my limiting beliefs on a physiological and energetic level, not just mentally.

Do not resign yourself to the insecurities that leave you vulnerable to the opinions of others to dictate how you feel about your body. You have the power to change not just how you see your body, but how you experience it. And you can get there with more presence, pleasure, and empowerment than you ever thought possible.

But you must act now because once your time is gone, it's gone forever.

Fight the inner voice telling you you're not worthy, that you deserve to feel how you feel, and rise up to claim your confidence and your sexual power NOW

And I said to my body, softly, "I want to be your friend." It took a long breath and replied, "I've been waiting my whole life for this."

Nayyirah Waheed