Sacred Sexuality is for Every Body.

All humans are capable of experiencing deeply grounded love and self-expanding orgasmic pleasure in their bodies, but so many struggle to believe it is possible for them.  

Because no one taught them how. 

The BodyWise app will guide you step-by-step through 15+ sacred sexuality practices to elevate your embodied belief patterns and restore natural pleasure pathways, so you can take your sex life from "meh" to deliciously divine. 

You deserve to have sex that feels good physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Here's how I can help you do that.

Free content via app, blog, & social media

If you're new to me and not sure if I'm the right teacher for you, this is a great place to start. I'm most active on Instagram, but I also have a YouTube channel, blog, and free app where you can access all kinds of free videos, tips, and trainings related to body love, relationships, embodied spirituality, and sacred sexuality.

BodyWise Membership

If you're ready to commit to a consistent sacred sexuality practice supported with community, a practice tracking system, self-paced content on special topics, and a monthly live coaching call with me, the app-based BodyWise membership is for you!  Click here to learn more.

Sacred Slut: 12-week program for women

In this deep-dive group initiation into sacred sexuality, you'll break through the madonna/whore paradigm that has taught women we have to choose between being respected or being our full sexual selves, and embrace a new sexual paradigm where your pleasure is innocent and your body is magic.  Enroll anytime, and get access to the live round of group coaching calls every year.

Private Coaching

If you are ready to commit to the work with high-touch support and a customized strategy to get the results you desire in an accelerated time frame, I would love to work with you as a private client. Read past client testimonials and schedule a Connection Call to learn more here

Want to explore neo-tantric sex with your partner? I also offer couples' coaching! Click here to learn more

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July 30, 2020


About Michelle Martinez, MPH

I believe that ancestral and ongoing sexual wounds, insecurities, and trauma are a public health issue, a root cause of the suffering and disconnection we experience as humans today.

And I believe that deep, connected, full-of-love sex can actually support the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity. So that's what I'm here to serve.

Who I Work With

My coaching clients come from all over the world. The specific desires and struggles that inspire them to work with me are unique, but have one thing in common: they yearn for integration between their spiritual selves and their sexual selves. They are ready and willing to do the deep self-exploration necessary to create the fulfilling sex lives they crave. And that is the work we do together.

Magda Y.


" Michelle focused mainly on my desires, and got me to recreate these experiences on a somatic level in my own body. It was so incredible to understand that these experiences are always within me and that I can recreate them at any time."


United States

"Michelle's beautiful voice keeps me focused and feeling safe as I explore parts of myself that may feel triggering. Without pushing, she guides me through my triggers and I leave my sessions feeling relaxed and integrated... I know these sessions will allow me to learn to love my body more and more!"

Michelle P.


"I wanted to work through my resistance to self-pleasure and experience orgasm without a vibrator. I got what I wanted!"

Stacy H.

United States

"One of my biggest takeaways will be how my vastly improved relationship with my body has in turn vastly improved my relationship with the divine. 

I find that I'm no longer so focused on my appearance and therefore have capacity for far deeper experiences."

Claire G.


"The home play sessions that Michelle sent me each week were truly magical and enabled me to reconnect to my inner radiance and cultivate an inner ecology of self love and compassion.

Thank you, Michelle! You have been the catalyst for so much beautiful transformation in my world."

Chelsea A.

United States

"Michelle's body and heart wisdom and masterful guidance have allowed me to expand my frame of reference around love, cultivate a deeper connection to my partner, and begin to break free from shame.

Your inner slut can make your monogamous relationship stronger. 

Most women don't know what to do with their inner slut -- the lusty, flirtatious seductress who is shamelessly insatiable -- when they're in a long-term monogamous relationship.

But in the Slutty Monogamy Masterclass, you'll learn how she can not just survive, but thrive, without sacrificing the integrity of your intimacy and commitment.