Infinite Intimacy

Get profound sexual connection and chemistry in your relationship

WITHOUT depending on your partner to turn you on or make you feel desirable

Here's the Problem

Women are struggling to sexually thrive

There are three primary patterns that keep women from experiencing the joy and pleasure of their own expansive sexuality, and I'm here to help you unravel them from the inside out.

  • Feeling unattractive and unworthy of attention from constant beauty/body comparison and competition with other women
  • Dismissing their own sexual desires and pleasure as too complicated, too time-consuming, unimportant, or downright nonexistent
  • Difficulty feeling safe and relaxed in sexual relationships due to past trauma, violation, and objectification

If you struggle with any (or all) of the above, and want to learn how to transform your sex life so that your erotic power can strengthen your relationship, fuel your self-love, and amplify your creative influence in the world, you're in the exact right place!

What do you want?

Desire-Driven Results

These are the desires I hear again and again from my clients when I ask them how they want to feel in their bodies and relationships.

Is this what you're longing for, too? 

"To get out of my mind and drop into the presence and pleasure of my own body"

"To feel deeply seen and honored by my partner, in and out of the bedroom"

"To have sex that feels both primal and sacred, to experience states of ecstatic union together"

Where to begin?

Let's get started!

Here are the next steps for working together:

Jumpstart your sacred sexuality practice

BodyWise Coaching app

If you want to dip your toes into my work, download the BodyWise Coaching app - this is my FREE resource for anyone who wants to start a sacred sexuality practice, or go deeper with the one they have.  

It includes a library of step-by-step audio guided practices (zero experience necessary), a tracking feature to stay motivated, and a collection of videos on all kinds of relationship-elevating topics.

Learn more about the benefits of a sacred sexuality practice here

A personalized path toward your dream relationship

Private Coaching

If you are ready to commit to the work with high-touch support and a customized strategy to get the results you desire in an accelerated time frame, let's talk about my private coaching options.

Real people.

Real stories.

Michelle Martinez, MPH

Sacred Intimacy Coach 

I believe that ancestral and ongoing sexual wounds, insecurities, and trauma are a public health issue, a root cause of the suffering and disconnection we experience as humans today.

And I believe all bodies are built for sex, and that deeply embodied, connected, full-of-love sexual intimacy can actually support the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity.

So that's what I'm here to serve.

So glad you're here!

Founder, BodyWise Coaching, LLC


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How to get profound sexual chemistry & connection

WITHOUT depending on your partner to turn you on or make you feel desirable