14 Ways to

Love Your Body

Over the next 30 days, receive a series of body-love strategies that will show you how to:

  1. Stop falling into the comparison trap by learning to enjoy your unique attractiveness and adopting a beauty abundance mindset 
  2. Establish proactive body-love practices so you don't fall back into judgmental habits and belief patterns
  3. Replace beauty myths with empowering truths that keep you connected to your worthiness and magnetism

Have body shame and judgment left you feeling unworthy of deep love and sexual fulfillment?

I help people rock the hell out of their unique sexual magnetism and get the love and sex lives they deserve through sexual-spiritual empowerment methods that go waaay beyond better body image.

Can you relate?

I feel like I have to measure up to filter-enhanced Instagram models and surgically-altered porn stars to be worthy of desire and attention. I want to explore my own sexuality and pleasure with confidence, but it’s like there’s a hotness threshold I have to meet first, and it’s so discouraging.”

"There's nothing I want more than to be passionately desired, but I just don't feel beautiful.  I don't see why anyone would be attracted to me."

"I know beauty standards and the sexual objectification of women are bullsh*t but I keep buying into it. And I judge myself for letting these messages get to me... I want to walk a badass feminist walk but it often feels easier to just give in and play the game, even though it means objectifying myself."

"I used to love sex but my body isn't what it used to be... I rarely feel sexy enough to get in the mood, even if my partner reassures me I'm still attractive." 

"I hate getting naked. I worry about how certain parts of my body look or feel to my partner during sex, and if they are judging me or wishing my body was different. I would love to be able to just surrender to the connection and pleasure of sex, but I don't know how let go of my physical insecurities and just enjoy my body." 

I know it's hard to believe... 

But these thoughts and feelings are not your destiny.

You came into this world loving your body and enjoying a fully expressed sexuality, and you can find your way back.

meet your coach:

michelle martinez, mph

I've always been a sexually curious person, but for so long, my body image kept me from from having the confidence I needed to enjoy my own body and explore my sexuality the way I really wanted to.  I let my insecurities about looking sexy get in the way of actually being sexual in an authentic way. 

For years, I internalized toxic, misogynistic cultural messages that reducing my value as a woman to how "f*ckable" I was.  I found it next to impossible to love my body with any consistency.  

Then I spent a year studying tantra, and things finally began to shift in a deep and lasting way...

body-first transformation

You've probably had the experience of catching yourself in the middle of a thought you know doesn't serve you (e.g. "I hate my body"), trying to replace it with positive thinking or an affirmation ("I love my body,") only to find the affirmation falling flat and the negative belief dig deeper into your psyche.  That's because our deepest internalized beliefs are held in our bodies and in our energy -- not just in thoughts.

I am trained through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality in the Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA) to coaching, which is unlike any other coaching methodology available. Blending insights from current research on the science of neurobiology and emotional healing with tantra-inspired energetic and sexual healing practices, VITA coaching generates mind-body transformation rapidly, gently, and sustainably.

Wondering what tantra has to do with body image? Watch the video to find out!

Working with Michelle: Testimonials


Michelle has a way of taking all of my seemingly disparate threads of thought and weaves them together to form a beautiful tapestry of the woman I am, and aim to be, in a thriving relationship. She distills the true meaning of what I am attempting to convey into a concise message and helps me look at the larger picture... Would 100% recommend Michelle and am grateful for the experience!


/ Canada

As I worked on being more in my feminine energy, the sexual connection with my husband increased and we actually had spontaneous sex which never happened before! I also did pussy love work with Michelle which helped me to honor my body for who she is right now. It was empowering, and I don't think I'll ever look at my body the same way again. I have enormous respect now for the body I have even though there are things I want to change to become healthier.

- Brit | Croatia -

An absolute blessing

I wanted to take my practice to the next level and was seeking a deeper understanding of my relationships and myself. I also was open to trying something new and Michelle was my first ever love/sex/relationship coach.

Michelle was a huge support to the most inspiring and transformational time of my life (to the date ;)...I highly appreciate how much time and effort Michelle has put into our work. Her reflection and support of my journey were very powerful and nurturing.

I would absolutely recommend Michelle to a friend or anyone who needs to work on themselves. Michelle is highly intuitive and professional, she really listens and cares. I felt like her attention and focus were 100% with me and was outlining things that I would have never even took notice of myself. I love Michelle's approach and energy and think that she would be an absolute blessing to those seeking support and encouragement.

Diana, USA

In the week of our final session together, a man came into my world through a totally random series of events and he is everything that I desired in partner (and so much more). Sex Magik is epic - it really does work... He often tells me that he is mesmerized and captivated by me and I know that this is largely to do with this powerful work. Having had this coaching with Michelle I was able to confidently know what I was looking for in a relationship and my heart was open to receive someone new. For the first time in my life, I have come into a relationship feeling whole as a person and that feels sooo good (and really healthy).

Michelle is an incredible coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Every session was personally curated based on what was alive for me in the moment, yet we also followed a clear path to move me towards my desires. The home play sessions that Michelle set me each week were truly magical and enabled me to reconnect to my inner radiance and cultivate an inner ecology of self love and compassion.

Michelle holds you with love, whilst encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone and take small steps (and sometimes huge leaps) towards your desires. She provides you with a safe space to fully express yourself and uncover the pieces of you that require nurturing. Thank you Michelle, you have been the catalyst for so much beautiful transformation in my world.

- Claire | UK -

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