Better sex & body image

through tantra

Restore your NATURAL capacity to feel confidence, pleasure, and presence in your body so you can enjoy the passionate love life you desire!

hi, I'm michelle.

I want to help you love your body so you can finally enjoy your 


Ever feel like you can't enjoy your sexuality fully because of your physical insecurities?

For me, it was always about not being curvaceous enough. I used to spend so much time feeling envious of women with more "feminine" body types, fantasizing about cosmetic surgery, and dreading getting naked with someone because I was sure that my body disappointed them.

When I did meet someone who adored my body, I felt like I had to hang onto them, because I'd never find someone who would feel that way again. I expected men to be incredibly shallow, always being attracted to women based on appearance, rather than the substance of our personalities, our energy, our love, our intelligence, and our insights, which were things I definitely felt I could offer.

In short, I felt lovable, but not fuckable.

I was waiting for my body to change before I would let myself enjoy my sexuality and relationships fully.  I developed an eating disorder, and then I saw three therapists and a nutritionist, I read articles about how to improve body image.  Some of it worked a little, but none of it felt like it was helping me feel truly sexy, worthy, and confident in my own body.

And then I discovered the sacred sexuality practices of tantra... and realized I had it all backward!

I had been waiting for my body to LOOK different before I allowed myself FEEL differently inside it, but tantra helped me turn all that around, to first feel amazing in my body through pleasure practices, breath work, and getting connected to the power and wisdom in my own body.

Whether it's because you don't feel thin enough, curvy enough, young enough, beautiful enough....

...or you've been through something that has left you feeling numb in your body, unable to conjure up sexual desire, or sex has begun to feel like a chore instead of something that nourishes you with pleasure and connection...

.... I can help you feel sexually alive, confident in your body, and create a thriving sex life that nourishes and excites you!

You may be my ideal client if...

  • You want to feel sexy, sensual, and magnetic in your body and energy without relying on external validation from others 
  • You want to be able to move your attention from your mind into your body during sex (in self-pleasuring or with a partner) for a more impulsive, surrendered, and deeply present sexual experience
  • You want to notice and enjoy the little pleasures, joys, and peace happening in your life and body every day
  • You want to see another beautiful woman and feel appreciation, love, and sisterhood -- instead of comparison, compeittion, and envy
  • You want to trust yourself to handle big and scary emotions that come up when you speak and act honestly, when you allow your authentic self to be seen in vulnerable ways
  • You want to have FULL PERMISSION within yourself to be as sensual, sexual, and magnetic as you desire
  • You want to clear away the social, spiritual, emotional, and energetic "gunk" that you've internalized, and start experiencing the natural day to day ecstacy of being alive in a human body
  • You want to know in your body -- not just in your head -- that you are worthy of receiving the passion, love, and abundance you desire in life, without needing to earn it through being the "ideal woman"

About Michelle

Tantra-inspired: Michelle completed a 600-hour training in the Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach to coaching, with specialized certification in Female Sexuality and Tantric Sex from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. 

Trauma-informed: Michelle's work is highly trauma-informed. With a PTSD research team in Seattle, she co-authored 16 publications appearing in the American Journal of MedicineMedical Care, the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and the Journal of Traumatic Stress, as well as a chapter on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in the 4th Edition of Integrative Medicine.

Mindfulness-infused: Michelle has over 10 years' experience working in psychology research labs, exploring the benefits and mechanisms of change for therapies such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Dialectical Behavior Therapy on trauma and depression, which now inform her coaching practice. Working with her, you'll find yourself constantly invited back to your body, to self-awareness, to self-regulation, and to your power to respond -- rather than react -- moment to moment.

-Magda Y.

Michelle focused mainly on my desires, and got me to recreate these experiences on a somatic level in my own body. It was so incredible to understand that these experiences are always within me and that I can recreate them at any time.

Building upon each session, we began to paint a new picture of what my new sexual story could be, how to feel beautiful in my own body, and how to de-couple the need for validation by meeting traditional beauty standards.

Tantric Body Love Client

-Meredith M.

We LOVED the practices: the breath work, embodiment, dialogue exercises, and communication tools helped us go deeper in our connection in unique and powerful ways, both sexually and in non-sexual (but intimate) ways.

If you want to connect more to your body, to your partner, to experience greater pleasure and ease and up-level your sex life from being mechanical to being magical, I would highly recommend working with Michelle!

Tantric Sex for Couples client 

What if you could adore your body even when you don't love how it looks? 

Body love is WAY more than just liking the way you look.  In fact, for a lot of people, it's not about that at all -- they love their bodies simply because they have found OTHER ways to appreciate and enjoy them.

Want to know how they do it??

Take the "3 Styles of Body Love Quiz" to find out!

April 4, 2021

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