Your sexual vitality matters

Do you ever feel like sex isn't really FOR you?

You don't feel sexy in your own body, you can't get out of your own head, you don't experience that much pleasure during sex, and you don't even know what you want to be different so it's hard to communicate and make a meaningful change toward something that will satisfy and nourish you.

All you know is:


I have good news:

These patterns are all grounded in the goddess-less narratives of Patriarchal Sex Culture...

...which means that we can unravel them from the inside out, changing society as we pursue our own sexual-spiritual liberation!

hi, I'm michelle

And I am here to serve your sexual-spiritual


You know she's in there...

Awaken the Sacred Slut Within

If you have ever felt the pressure to choose between being a good, respected woman or a sexually free woman -- a madonna or a whore -- and you've felt the self-fragmentation and disconnection that comes from that terrible false dichotomy....

...this is the place to bring your spiritual self and your sexual self back together again, in their full power...

Sacred Slut is a space where women learn to feel whole and magical in our womanhood, and enjoy our own exquisitely unique bodies, our pleasure, and our intimate relationships in their fullest possible expression, without the weight of sin, unworthiness, and shame.

I believe all bodies are made for sex.

I believe that everyone, and our diverse physical vessels, are worthy of intimate connection, of feeling GOOD, of experiencing states of deep union with the core of our being and with other divine humans.

But capitalism manufactures insecurity and "problems" with our bodies in order to sell us something to "fix" them.... we've all ended up acutely aware of at least one "problem area" in our appearance. More frequently, several.

And as soon as one gets resolved ("My p*ssy is perfect thanks to the vulva-plasty and brazilian wax!")...

...another one surfaces ("Fuck, look at those wrinkes! Is that a gray hair? Do my teeth need whitened?")

And Patriarchal Sex Culture (see green box below) has been frustratingly telling us (for goddess knows how long) that while our primary value is in being sex objects, our bodies are also unacceptable and a source of shame.

Our bodies are simultaneously so arousing that wearing anything revealing makes us responsible for receiving unwanted and sexually aggressive attention...

.....and they are also so "flawed" that they are unworthy of being desired just as they are.

And OH YEAH white supremacy has a lot of sneaky fucked-up ways it also defines beauty and health and makes these things indicators of social value and worthiness. 

So just remember, the problem isn't YOU -- it's all this << gestures to text above>> bullshit.

Creating New Realities from the Inside Out

But we CAN create new systems. Ones that do not force us to choose between feeling desirable in our bodies and being in alignment with our values. 

And we do that by unraveling how those systems have been internalized within us individually, as well as dismantling them in a wider social context.

When we change our inner reality, when we internalize more empowering narratives about our bodies, sexuality, and human nature, those new realities get reflect back to us as cultural change.

If you are unclear about what that "inner work" looks like, but you KNOW you want to shift your INNER reality and EMBODY the truth that all bodies are worthy of pleasure, connection, intimacy, all the beautiful things great sex has to offer...

Then you are in the exact right place.

Patriarchal Sex Culture: A pattern of narratives, norms, and beliefs about human sexuality that dismiss, ignore, and undermine the needs and perspectives of the Feminine, resulting in a social epidemic of Toxic Masculinity, sexual abuse, slut-shaming, victim-blaming, and body shaming.

Sub-cultures of Patriarchal Sex Culture include rape culture and incel culture.

About Michelle

Mindfulness-centered: Michelle has over 10 years' experience working in psychology research labs, exploring the benefits and mechanisms of change for therapies such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Dialectical Behavior Therapy on trauma and depression, which now inform her coaching practice. Working with her, you'll find yourself constantly invited back to your body, to self-awareness, to self-regulation, and to your power to respond -- rather than react -- moment to moment.

Trauma-informed: Michelle's work is highly trauma-informed. With a PTSD research team in Seattle, she co-authored 16 publications appearing in the American Journal of MedicineMedical Care, the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and the Journal of Traumatic Stress, as well as a chapter on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in the 4th Edition of Integrative Medicine.

Tantra-inspired: Michelle completed a 600-hour training in the Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach to coaching, with specialized certification in Female Sexuality and Tantric Sex from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.  While she is not committed to tantra as her path of liberation, several key concepts used in her coaching programs draw from her study of tantra and neo-tantra.  




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