All Bodies are Built for Sex.

All humans are capable of experiencing deeply grounded love and self-expanding orgasmic pleasure in their bodies...

...but so few people are given a path for inner exploration and practices to realize their body's natural capacity to feel ecstatic and alive.  

That's where I come in!

With app-enhanced courses and personal coaching, I'll provide a guided path for you to elevate your embodied belief patterns and restore natural pleasure pathways, so you can take your love life from "take it or leave it" to "OMG I love being in this body!"

You deserve to have sex that feels good physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Here's how I can help you do that.

Free content via app, blog, & social media

I'm most active on my YouTube channel and blog, but I also have Instagram, TikTok, and an app where you can access all kinds of free tips and trainings related to body love and sacred sexuality.

Personal Coaching

If you are ready to commit to the work with high-touch support and a customized strategy to get the results you desire in an accelerated time frame, let's talk about my private coaching options. Click here to view past client results, and schedule a free Connection Call here

The BodyWise App

The BodyWise App is the central space where all BodyWise program content can be found: courses, coaching call links, audio guides, practice tracking -- it's all in the app.

Here are a few of the ways using an app, rather than a traditional web-based online course, will support your progress in this program:


With the BodyWise app, you can access Sacred Slut videos, audio practices, and worksheets from your mobile phone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

No more hauling your laptop around to access your programs!  


Going somewhere without wifi? No problem!

You can download any lesson to be accessible offline so you can stay on track even in those pesky no-service zones.


Log your embodiment rituals and mindset with the app tracking feature to give yourself credit each time you do it, feel successful, and reinforce your commitment to your own sexual vitality! 

"I wanted to stop depending on things outside myself to make me feel alive and passionate"

Check out this interview with my client Stacy to learn how her life transformed with sacred sexuality coaching 

About Michelle Martinez, MPH

I believe that ancestral and ongoing sexual wounds, insecurities, and trauma are a public health issue, a root cause of the suffering and disconnection we experience as humans today.

And I believe that deep, connected, full-of-love sex can actually support the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity. So that's what I'm here to serve.

Values & Beliefs

Watch the BodyWise Manifesto to learn about the values and beliefs that drive my work and the world I am fighting for...

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Your inner slut can make your monogamous relationship stronger.

Most women don't know what to do with their inner slut -- the lusty, flirtatious seductress who is shamelessly insatiable -- when they're in a long-term monogamous relationship.

But in the Slutty Monogamy Masterclass, you'll learn how she can not just survive, but thrive, without sacrificing the integrity of your intimacy and commitment.